2023 election ‘ll reorder Nigeria in right direction, says Moni Modesty

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From Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin

Former Secretary of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) Edo State chapter, Mr. Moni Modesty Itua, yesterday, said the 2023 presidential election would reorder Nigeria in its right direction with the right person in its helm of affairs .

He disclosed this while receiving the man of the year’s award Honour and Integrity conferred on him by BA Global in Benin City.

Mr. Itua said the country’s resources have been poorly managed by those whom we have collectively entrusted our mandates and that today, it is now known to be the world capital of poverty.

“Yes, it is obvious, the ominous sign of danger hanging around all of us is showing everywhere, we are now becoming a pariah nation.

“Nigeria is a country everybody is running from, the capital city of poverty in the whole world.

“We have been told that our borrowing has outlived our assets and that we are going to be living on borrowed robes every now and then.

“And our politicians have begun to perambulate the nooks and crannies of this nation thinking is going to be business as usual.

” The real people of Nigeria, in 2023, February, will speak and is going to speak loudly and clearly that the era of business as usual will be gone forever in Nigeria.

“Therefore, I am so optimistic that though things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold as we have it today in Nigeria, come 2023, we shall reorder Nigeria in all ramifications and Nigerians will heave a sign of relief in security challenges and in the economy downturn that have made all of us to be useless as if we are irresponsible people, people who are no longer hardworking.


“The situation has made our children to become Yahoo yahoo and our ladies becoming prostitute everywhere”, he lamented.

The former Secretary of the Edo State chapter of the NUT, said to get the nation working and to be out of the woods, all hands must be on the deck adding that failure to do so, it end could be very disastrous.

“We need to collectively come together and upturn the situation because if we allow it to continue the way it is, Armageddon will be a small language, Sodom and Gomorrah will be a small language and I tell you, we might as a nation go into extinction.

“We pray that the Aso Rock is not to be occupied by the bandits and terrorists.

“Therefore, the earlier we wake up, the better, Nigeria is ours and it is time to take back our country”, he said.