2023: APC chieftain harps on party supremacy over members

Olaide Oyelude, Katsina

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Senator Abba Ali, on Saturday, called on leaders and elders of various political parties in Nigeria to allow supremacy of political party on members for democracy to grow in the country.

According to him, a situation where individuals are allowed to be more superior than political parties retards democracy.

Senator Ali made the declaration in Katsina shortly after he was turbanned Turakin Katsina by the Emir of Katsina, Dr Abdulmumin Usman.

Senator Ali, who is a member of the APC Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee, maintained that although democracy has come to stay in Nigeria, party chieftains should allow party supremacy over party members.

Senator Ali declared, ”My advice for my colleagues in politics and in various political parties is that as we approach the 2023 general elections, we should all allow supremacy of political parties over party members.

“A situation where an individual, after his or her election, runs the party or government like a personal property retards growth of democracy. Parties should be supreme and party members, irrespective of status should bow to parties. Democracy has come to stay in Nigeria but allowing party supremacy will see to the further growth of democracy in our country.”

The APC Chieftain, who is also the Chairman of the National Governing Council, African Peer Review Mechanism, also commented on Security challenges in Katsina State and in other parts of the Northwest, maintaining that with the current efforts by both the State and the Federal Governments, terrorism in the region would soon be crushed.


He added, however, that as the governments tackle terrorists, they should also not close their eyes on their informants.

“The Federal and the State Governments have intensified efforts to crush terrorists in Katsina and in other parts of the region. And with their current efforts and the determination of security operatives, terrorism would soon be crushed not only here but in various parts of the country,” Senator Ali declared.

“Let me add that we should also not close our eyes to bandits’ informants in our midst. They also constitute problems and they should be taken care of decisively for terrorism to be totally crushed.”

Senator Ali had earlier in the day been turbanned as Turakin Katsina in a ceremony which took place inside the palace of the Emir of Katsina.

The ceremony was witnessed by dignitaries from the State and other parts of the country including the CEPC Chairman, Yobe State Governor, Mala Buni, Governor Aminu Masari and others.