Just as the return of the ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua  still remains unclear to some Nigerians, former Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State yesterday expressed reservation on the much-touted arrival, saying it was a mere political intrigues calculated at deluding the Nigerians.
President Yar’Adua returned to the country at about 1.46am on Wednesday after  93 days in Saudi Arabia for medical attention for acute Pericarditis. Since his return, he has not physically spoken to the nation  that he had actually returned
Fayose alleged that the intrigues that characterized the return of Mr. President and the making of Vice President Goodluck Jonathan the Acting President , had attested to his stance that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) remains the greatest albatross of the nation.
Fayose dropped the bomb-shell while addressing newsmen in his country home, Afao-Ekiti, during the official presentation of the Labour Party membership card to him by his ward Chairman, Mr. Akin Adesuyi
He was presented with the  membership card of the LP as a member of  Afao/Araromi ward after he officially resigned from his former party, PDP.
His doubt, according to Fayose, stemmed from the way the President was bundled into the country by members of his Kitchen Cabinet and the time of his arrival to the country, coupled with his inability to speak to over 140 million Nigerians the President presided over since his ‘purported arrival’
“Yar’Adua has not arrived. If he has arrived, he would talk on television not through his aides. The issues are too sensitive for Yar’Adua to tell us he has arrived. To me, personally, Yar’Adua has not arrived and I personally don’t believe Yar’Adua is living. If I’m living, in the controversy that’s trailing my life, I will rise up and say I’m living.
“If Yar’Adua is alive, let him rise up and talk to Nigerians. And if he’s not fit again, let him peacefully and honourably go back to Katsina. Jonathan is still in charge whether we like it or not. It’s only the living that performs the presidential functions. That’s my take.
“If I were Yar’Adua, I would not allow my name to go down in the history as controversial president in these circumstances we have found ourselves. All members of his kitchen cabinet must rethink and consider Nigerians better than themselves. They are supposed to be serving us; why are all these? So, I wish Yar’Adua quick recovery if he’s still alive,” Fayose said.
Addressing the people on his resolve to dump the PDP for the LP, Fayose said he would formally declare for LP and be received by the leadership of the party tomorrow in Ado-Ekiti. He said he has officially joined the party.
Raising alarm on the alleged intention of the state government to disrupt his  official declaration for the LP tomorrow, he alleged that several  members of the  Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) and some miscreants had been hired to cause trouble that day to discredit his person.
The former governor warned that the party was prepared to “recongnise the police force and the State Security Services (SSS) men as the only security agencies that should provide security during the declaration where about 10,000 people would be gathering.
“It has come to our knowledge that the state government has hired some OPC and some faceless people to come and be part of the programme to foment trouble and create unnecessary problem and tension in the place, claiming that they were hired and brought in by LP,”  he said.
He, however, said he had notified the police about the ploy, urging the police to be alert to their responsibilities.
Debunking the claim that the State Government was planning to disrupt the proposed rally, Mr. Wale Ojo-Lanre, Governor Segun Oni’s Spokesman, said “It is a fact that this character called Ayodele Fayose, needs help because his ignoble exit from government has made his brain to graduate from psychology to psychotic.
“His state of mind has no doubt become irredeemable and it is only God that can bring him back to the world of sanity, Ojo-Lanre said.
“Whatever comes out of the mind of an element like Fayose, who was proud to tell the whole world that he escaped from the government house by being packed in the booth of a car like luggage should not bother rational minds. Therefore, we are not interested in joining issues with him”, Ojo-Lanre said.
The Governor’s Spokesman, however, clarified that the  Oni-led government is not interested in the kind of political rascality that reigned supreme in the State during Fayose’s three and half years rule, adding that as against what operated during Fayose’s government, that the present government  have demonstrated its unalloyed believe in the rule of law and political tolerance by allowing different shades of political opinions to thrive in the State.
“What Fayose has said is what he would have done if he were to be the governor and we understand his state of mind. It is also not out of place that he was already planning to wreck further havoc on the State by bringing in miscreants to unleash terror on the peace loving people of the State”.

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