Written by Taiwo Adisa and Idowu Samuel:

THE family of ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua has been further divided,  as a result of the nomination of Alhaji Murtala Yar’Adua as a minister. It was gathered that Hajia Turai Yar Adua and former Minister of Agriculture, Dr.  Sayaddi Abba Ruma, have disagreed over recent activities in government.

It was gathered that Turai asked the ministerial nominee to back out of the ministerial slot because it is seen as a slight on the family.

When the proposal to back out of the nomination was pushed to Murtala, a source said that the man rejected it and insisted he was going to take the appointment.

He was said to have insisted that he has his own life to live and that he didn’t gain anything in the Yar’Adua  administration.

It was gathered that Hajia Turai has also threatened not to have anything to do with Ruma and co if the ongoing blushes she is suffering do not stop.

Meanwhile, there are indications that some northern members of the House of Representatives are not happy with Acting President Goodluck Jonathan, because of the perceived relegation of ailing President Yar’Adua in government matters. They are, therefore, spoiling for a showdown with him.

The move by the northern legislators, who are indeed pro-Yar’Adua, to raise issues about the condition of the ailing president during Wednesday’s plenary session was tactfully surpressed by the Speaker, Honourable Dimeji Bankole.

The northern legislators who were spoiling for war with Jonathan, had based their actions on reports that Yar’Adua was getting better and might return to duty any moment from next week.

The pro-Yar’Adua group is thus eager to have some of the major steps taken by Jonathan, including the sack of the entire cabinet, halted until the ailing president returns to power to determine whether or not the cabinet should remain dissolved.

Indications that the northern legislators were not happy emerged shortly before the House commenced plenary session, as some of them met with a resolve to first challenge the acting president on his reported plan to sack Yar’Adua’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) and his aide de camp (ADC).

According to reports, the northern members had positioned Honourable Sada Soli, from Katsina State, to present their grievances on the issue during the day’s session through a motion meant to be presented under Order 8 Rule 4 of the House Rules.

Sensing danger on the motion being proposed, the Speaker invited the lawmaker for a brief discussion after which he reportedly advised him to make wider consultation with the northern caucus of the House before presenting the motion.

Nigerian Tribune learnt that the aggrieved northern representatives had been alarmed that the reported plan by Jonathan to sack Yar’Adua’s ADC and CSO was meant to cause a setback for the possible return of the ailing president to power, a reason they were said to have planned a swift action to pre-empt the sack of the duo.

Some of the aggrieved members, who spoke with the Nigerian Tribune, said since the presidency had not denied the report of the planned sack of Yar’Adua’s security aides, which a northern-based newspaper exclusively reported last weekend, the impression had been created that the report was true, and hence the plan must be frustrated.

The members had also referred to another national daily, which quoted the deposed Emir of Gwandu, Major General Mustapha Jokolo, as saying that the appointment of General Aliyu Gusau as National Security Adviser (NSA) by Jonathan was meant to “Bury Yar’Adua alive”, as part of Jonathan’s plan to move against Yar’Adua.

The aggrieved parties said the plan by Jonathan to sack Yar’Adua’s security detail was meant to unduly expose the invisible president and members of his family to danger, arguing that such was contrary to section 14 (2) of the 1999 Constitution under Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy.

The northern representatives said they would hold Jonathan responsible for any immediate misfortune that might befall the ailing president, if eventually his chief security detail was sacked as reported.

There are indications, however, that the northern representatives may table the motion today or next week, after they might have consulted widely as advised by the speaker.

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