Written by Okey Muogbo and Leon Usigbe:

• Atiku, Northern emirs visit Acting President in Aso Rock

MORE facts have emerged on why the four Christian clerics who met ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua on Monday had to seek audience with Acting President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday. A source in the presidency told the Nigerian Tribune on Thursday that the men were shocked that what they thought was a private visit had turned into a huge political matter far beyond their wildest imagination.

According to the source, the four men, who were being branded in government circles as having joined the notorious cabal of the dissolved federal cabinet, had visited the acting president to pledge their loyalty and convince him that they were not part of the cabal, by disclosing the condition they met Yar’Adua to him.

The presidency was said to have been jolted by the report in the media that some Christian clerics went to meet Yar’Adua without informing the acting president as protocol demanded.

The source added that the acting president’s camp was troubled because they least expected such action from Christian leaders from whom Jonathan went to seek divine blessings.

It was also gathered that members of the churches of the clerics found it difficult to accept their explanations that the visit to Yar’Adua was a private one.

“It was a combination of these factors,” the source said “that made the four pastors to rush back to the Villa, on Wednesday, to brief Jonathan.”

They were said to have used the meeting to tell the acting president the true condition of Yar’Adua, though they did not plan to disclose the condition initially.

Meanwhile, former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, who is on the verge of returning to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), met with the acting presiden on Wednesday evening.

The meeting, which took place at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, was however non-political, as the former vice-president had accompanied the newly installed Lamido of Adamawa, Alhaji Mohammed Barkindo, on a visit to the acting president.

Atiku has recently initiated a process of returning to the PDP, which provided him the platform to become the nation’s number two citizen in 1999, after he had left the party to join the rival Action Congress (AC), following disagreements with former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the hierarchy of the PDP.

He has recently been involved in the move by the opposition to form a mega party, but that appeared to have suffered a hiccup in recent weeks, forcing Atiku to re-evaluate his relationship with proponents of the mega party.

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5 Thoughts on “Why Oyedepo, Onaiyekan, others met Jonathan

  1. don’t let us judge them in haste,but let us wait whether they will talk soon or later.
    we are living in a country that everything is done in the dark place of this world ordinary nigerians are tools in their hands,but God wil expose them.

  2. @Paul: I don’t know how to abuse people, but I can be blunt, I know in Nigerian context it is ‘insult’.. But I have passed that level of mini-mental development… I can challenge them based on how they position themselves, I will not talk about one Anglican Bishop that retired recently, who to me is a ‘man of God and the People’, I can’t remember his name, but he tell those evil men in their face to leave their evil ways… He even lost his voice while shouting at those evil men, and believe me it is working!!
    A man or men of God that is not BLUNT with the TRUTH is simply (a) politician and deserves not the title of ‘Man of God’!

    For God is Pure and does not deceive, His words are Yes and Amen, and anyone who follows Him must be the same!!
    Their going to see that man even on private ground knowing the tension in the land is the highest level of hypocrisy and they should be ashamed of messing with the name ‘Christianity’ Christians are not known for secrecy and mush mush business, they do things in the open!

  3. If God will go back on his word to punish me for saying the truth, so be it… Surely do I tell you that ‘Nigerians’ are in bondage they are today because they have many agent of the devil masquerading as ‘men of God’. Having lived in Nigeria in pain for many years and was privileged to escape that God forsaken anything go of a land, where criminals and evil people are worshipped.
    I have came to one conclusion that the people must open their eyes to many of these dubious and selfish hypocrites that call themselves men of God, I place the blame for evil going on in that place on the door steps of those ‘men of God’!
    I have not read of a place in the Bible where men of God are singing praises of the people’s tormentors and killers! Rather than condemn them, like real Prophets in the Bible that go direct to criminal Kings and tell them off for bad behavior, these ones in Nigeria are doing even the dirty jobs for the evil criminals. If they are going to see the power drunk man that has caused thousands of lives and loss of Billions, yet not ready to open up like true men of God will do for the good of the people not just to protect a criminal cabal.
    Tell me where God will punish me from. I did not touch them but I am saying they have NO CREDIBILITY TO PLAY POLITICS WITH LIVES OF MILLION YET CLAIM TO BE REPRESENTING GOD! I will reject such God that will send hypocrites that will help in destroying the people of God. Yes, the Bible says that people perish for lack of knowledge, so if those so-called men of God joins the cabal that are denying the people knowledge, then they are worse than those already marked criminals!

  4. Raw! You are too raw. Better mind your language. It is written “Touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm” Learn to use language.

  5. When so-called men of God joins the secret cults and cabal system of Nigeria, then no one is safe..
    these so-called men of god should go and bury their faces in shame!!

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