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The Action Congress of Nigeria has challenged President Goodluck Jonathan to tell Nigerians and the world why he has yet to fire Dr. Doyin Okupe in the face of allegation that he swindled the Benue State Government of N886m.

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In a statement issued in Lagos on Monday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said with the statement credited to the Benue State Government, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission must urgently institute a thorough investigation of these allegations.

It said, “However as long as Dr. Doyin Okupe is comfortably nested in the bosom of the Presidency and speaking loudly for no less a person than President Jonathan himself there can be no credible investigation of these allegations and this is why the President must fire him today to allow for credible investigation of the allegations.”

According to the ACN all attempts by the the People’s Democratic Party and “the legion of hired writers and hatchet men to defend the indefensible” have failed.

ACN said, “To describe this kind of fraud as a civil matter underscores how Jonathan’s administrations has become such a magnet and sanctuary for knaves, thieves and other morally bankrupt people as non performance of a contract in law amounts to obtaining money under false pretences,”the party explained.

“While it is true in law that a duly formed and registered company is a separate legal entity from those who are its shareholders or directors, a court is however entitled to pierce, rend, or remove the corporate veil in holding that monies received by such a company have been regarded as having been obtained by an individual who is usually the directing mind of the company, in this case, Dr. Doyin Okupe.”

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Chapter of ACN has described by as shameful, the attempts by Okupe and the PDP to defend himself on the weighty allegation of defrauding the Benue and Imo State governments of huge sums of money through unexecuted contracts.

In a statement in Lagos, by the party’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, the party berated the EFCC for its “disgraceful intervention” in the matter, saying Okupe’s case was just one further case to show that the “PDP and the governments it has run for the past 13 years are intrinsically webbed to corruption.”

The party said it expected that both Okupe and his party would have resigned his appointment or the presidency would have fired him “for such misdemeanor.”


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