By Wole Oyebade


“GROSS marginalisation” is the lot of the Urhobo in Delta State under President Goodluck Jonathan, some of the area’s indigenes yesterday alleged.

In what they described as an embarrassment to the people that massively voted Jonathan into power, they alleged that Urhobo people had been completely sidelined in political appointments, excluded from the amnesty programme, denied infrastructural development and benefit of producing natural gas for national use.

Also bothered by the state of insecurity in the country, the indigenes under the aegis of National Association of Urhobo Orators, Lagos Branch, appealed to the northerners to continue on the path of peaceful co-existence, while the Federal Government resolves the Boko Haram crisis.

President of the association, God’spower Nakpodia Efiawhare said that it was embarrassing for the people that had voted massively for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) at the last elections to have nothing to show for their mass support.

“No ministerial appointment, no appointment into the oil sector, no ambassador, or any other vital position in the country for the Urhobo people,” he said.

More like a reminder, Efiawhare said that the Urhobos, as the fifth largest ethnic nationality in Nigeria, “gave PDP 860, 000 votes.”

“But other tribes that didn’t give as much as the Urhobos in the Niger Delta are having countless positions in this government, so why is Mr. President giving Urhobo positions to his people alone?” he queried.

He added that President Jonathan was aware that the Urhobos and other nationalities that subscribed to the amnesty programme were excluded from the programme and the few Urhobos that were enlisted into the programme were shut out from the training.

“As part of the marginalisation of the Urhobo nation by Mr. President, no project has been approved for Urhobos that occupy areas of Delta State. The Federal University of Petroleum Resources situated in Ugbomro, a town in Urhobo has been abandoned for lack of funding.”


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