By  Tokunbo Adedoja


United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has said though collective efforts had disrupted attacks and disabled terrorist networks, recent attacks in Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen showed that the threat was still formidable.


UN Scribe, Ban Ki-moon

Addressing the Security Council at the UN headquarters in New York Friday during the open debate on “Threats to International Peace and Security Caused by Terrorist Acts”, Ki-moon noted that, “Terrorism is a significant threat to peace and security, prosperity and people.”

He said while the international community continues to pursue a robust and comprehensive response, “terrorist organizations continue to look for new havens, adopt new tactics and seek new targets.”

Noting that in combating terrorism, the international community must work as one, the UN scribe said, “by working together – from strengthening law enforcement to tackling the underlying drivers of extremism – we can greatly reduce this major threat to peace and security.”

In that respect, he expressed hope that member states would decide to create the position of a UN Counter-Terrorism Co-ordinator to promote better co-ordination, collaboration and Co-operation among all players.

He acknowledged that the newly established UN Counter-Terrorism Centre, within the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force Office, plays a critical role in supporting member states in all areas under the four pillars of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.


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