By Kareem Haruna

But for the residents’ extraordinary vigilance yesterday, two suicide bombers would have caused the deaths of many in the town of Biu, Borno State using improvised explosives concealed in satellite TV decoders, security sources and witnesses said.army_soldiers

According to residents, two suspected Boko Haram bombers arrived from different destinations in Biu town at about 2pm with the intention of setting off the bombs which they carefully concealed in the decoder devices which they carried as though they had just bought them.

“The first suicide bomber to be discovered was trying to enter into a mosque located near the market where worshippers were observing the afternoon prayer”, said Ibrahim Bukar, a civil servant.

“But some of our youths on guard suspected the would-be bomber carrying the decoder in his hand; and when they tried to frisk him, it was discovered the decoder was unusually heavy and the carrier began to fidget. As he was trying to escape the youths hacked him down and summarily killed him there and then”.

LEADERSHIP was also informed that as the people of Biu were busy thanking God for saving them from another major calamity, another bomber, armed with his explosives concealed in the same pattern as the former, was also apprehended while trying to board a bus at the Biu motor park.

“The second bomber was caught at the Biu motor park”, added the source. “In fact, he was about to enter a bus that was already having passengers, when it was also discovered that he, too, had a decoder device in his hand and had a bomb concealed in it. Immediately he was beaten up but not killed; he was later taken to the military barracks and handed over to the soldiers there.”

A top officer at the Department of State Services (DSS) in Maiduguri, who spoke to LEADERSHIP off the record as he did not want his name mentioned in this report, confirmed the Biu incidents.

Biu town, which is also the headquarters of Biu local government and located 185km south of Maiduguri, had in February this year suffered several incidences of suicide bomb attacks mostly carried out by women and some men at the town’s market and motor park which claimed the lives of over 50 persons.

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