President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday said members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who defected to the All Progressives Party, APC, would return to the party with empty stomach.johnathan

According to him, PDP is still the dominant party in the country despite the loss recorded in the March 28 presidential election.

Speaking during submission of report of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, PDPPCO, headed by Dr. Ahmadu Ali, the President insisted that PDP is the most organised party to which anyone could aspire for any position. Read More →

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•Buhari can’t ignore Ndigbo
•TAN was not funded by FG

National Coordinator of Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria, TAN, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah in this interview barres his mind on the outcome of the 2015 general elections among other issues.

To what extent was TAN significant during the electioneering period?Ndigbo

We are happy about the impact we have made in the polity. I believe that within a very short period of time we will be able to make our mark on the political landscape. We were able to draw attention to the activities of government as well as mobilise the grassroots for a more robust political engagement.

Our activities generated incisive discussions regarding the choice of candidates and also added colour and substance to the political space. The best outcome is the inputs of associations like TAN other than political parties in enlarging the political space.

Many are of the view that the Igbo put all their eggs in one basket by solely supporting President Goodluck Jonathan and that life in the opposition may not augur well for them What is your take on this?

It was expected that the Igbo will vote for Jonathan. The Igbo had quite a number of opportunities in his administration.

Number of opportunities

Even though Jonathan did a lot for the Igbo most of the things he did were for the North. The Kashbila Dam is the biggest project handled by Jonathan’s administration and it was cited in the North. The Abuja and Kaduna railways are also in the North.

Irrespective of that, the Igbo are still appreciative of the things he did for us. Be that as it may, my position is that General Buhari should consider the Igbo and make them his friends and if possible do more than Jonathan did for us.

On plight of Ndigbo in LagosFor 16 years that the APC has been in power, they never cared about giving an Igbo man a slot to vie for an elective position in the Lagos State House of Assembly or in the House of Representatives. If the APC has not given Igbo that opportunity in Lagos, we think there is still animosity against the Igbo in the state. There are large populations of Igbo in many parts of Lagos so it is expected that political parties factor these issues in their choice of candidates for elective offices. What we have done by supporting the PDP is not something that we want the Lagos State government or any person whatsoever, to be angry with. They should take this as an opportunity to go back to the drawing board and see how we can be accommodated. All that we ask for which is to be involved in the scheme of things.Ifeanyi-Uba

Nigerians are members of parliament in the UK, why can’t people be elected in places where they have spent all their lives? We are not only talking about Igbo, we want this for all Nigerians, no matter where they come from.

The elections have come and gone. We should go back to the drawing board and plan for the next line of action. I’m grateful to the residents of Lagos who through their votes showed that it is the candidate that matters and not where he comes from. Read More →

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The Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) on Sunday commended its efforts in breaking the over 70-year-old jinx of electing non-indigenes to represent Lagos State in both the national and state assemblies.Governor-Babatunde-Fashola

A statement issued by TAN’s Director of Media, Afam Ilounoh, urged every state of the federation to emulate the feat recorded in Lagos in providing a level playing field for all residents in their states.

The statement quoted Ilounoh as saying that TAN decided to use the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as a platform to achieve the record because the party is more accommodating than any other party. Read More →

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