There has been considerable interest in Lagos roads in recent times. A number of media houses have focused on the challenges posed by the state of the roads to the commuting public. While we do not seek to join issues with anyone, believing that the interest and focus being served by the publications is to draw government’s attention to the plight of the citizens, we must assure all that government is fully aware of the state of the roads and is poised to address them soon.Ambode

As a matter of fact, some of the roads mentioned are already under contract and work is being affected by the onset of the rains during which only limited meaningful construction can be undertaken. It is also a fact that Lagos rainy days in the last two years have increased giving only about 5 months of the year for road construction activity. Thus contractors may not be on site working at full pace. Apart from this, it is necessary to state that early stages of construction work are done off-site as pre-cast elements except for excavation of drains.Flooded roads are a direct consequence of both the nature of the state’s topography (being 2 metres below sea level on the average) and citizens’ habits. Achieving a flood-free environment with such a topography is a herculean task. This is further made difficult with the bad habit of some residents who turn the provided drainage channels into refuse dumps. Despite the fact that flooding is common during heavy rainfall, the responsibility of government is to ensure that the drainages are desilted. This is already being done on a massive scale to avoid and prevent the frequent flash flood. Read More →

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