ABUJA – President Goodluck Jonathan and the entire country have been admonished not to entertain fear in spite of violent attacks by the deadly Islamic sect in some parts of the country, assuring that, God will not abdicate His throne for devil to thrive.


From Left: Primate of Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh; Representatives of Discover Islam Centre, Kingdom of Bahrain; Mr Neser Lori, and Dr Isa Almvtawa, and President, Islamic Education Trust, Minna, Sheikh Ahmad Lemu, at the 2012 National Symposium on Islam and Peaceful Co-existence in Abuja on Thursday (10/5/12)NAN Photo.

The Primate of All Nigeria Anglican Communion, the Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, Sunday, gave the admonition at the thanksgiving service for the 2nd Session of the 8th Synod of the Diocese of Abuja with the theme; ‘God Is Our Refuge And Strength And Ever-Present Help In Trouble’, held at St. James’ Church Asokoro, Abuja.Okoh admitted that situation in the country calls for concern, President Jonathan should not fear to administer the country, noting that with God things can not be out of control, therefore people should have faith that they would not sink.

“This synod called the whole of the country not to loss faith, because of the bombing and insecurity people were beginning to loss faith in God as if God is not able to protect them, we are trying to remind them not lose control.

“People are beginning to lose faith in the entity called Nigeria and we want them to restore that faith that God is able to solve whatever problem we have. Individuals also are beginning to loss faith in themselves, losing courage in themselves, they felt that every thing is collapsing, but again with God things can not be out of control, God is in control and individual will not sink, Nigeria is going ahead to progress”. The Primate advised.

Also, the guess Preacher and Bishop of Ondo Diocese, the Rt. Rev. George Lasebikan told Nigerians to be still and have faith in God, believing that, the present situation in the country will soon be a thing of the past.

The Cleric maintained, “When the enemies rise against you like flood, the spirit of the Lord shall raise standard against them. The whole world today is collapsing; there is economic melt down because Satan has taken over, what we need to do is to look unto God, do not let us fear because fear is unto devil. Therefore, rather than look unto the devil and be afraid look unto Jesus and have your strength.

“There is bombing around us, God is still on the throne and He will never abdicate His throne for the devil to reign. Let not look at the circumstances around us, when we look at situation around us there is tendencies to bring negative statement from our mouth, there is hope for Nigeria”.

Citing the Book of Psalm 118, Lasebikan reminded faithful that God knows the way through the wilderness, ‘all we need to do is to follow Him and we shall overcome’.


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