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Final-year university student takes own life after being caught in examination malpractice
AT about 6.13 p.m. on Tuesday, Ayodeji Balogun had written on his Facebook page: ‘What they say about me is not true in school , but God knows better. Thanks, we will see at the END, I luv you all,’ then he went and took his life.

What the late Ayodeji, a 27-year- old  final year student of Cooperative Management  at the National Open University, Ikeja Campus was referring to as ‘not true,’  was that he was caught in an examination malpractice during the school’s  on-going examinations.

According to information available to The Guardian, Ayodele Balogun, or AY as he was popularly known, had earlier on Saturday been caught by an invigilator, called  Ese with  unauthorized materials, during one of his final papers.

“He was caught last Saturday during our final-year examinations and he was going to face the Senate for the irregularity,” a source said.

His father, speaking from their Ayobo home, said his son’s behaviour had been unusual that evening.

He said AY, his son , “had been behaving in a very queer manner, unlike him.

“He was restless, moving around and in and out of the house, unable to stay calm for any length of time.

“I was disturbed but could not have suspected anything as tragic was going to happen.”

He said it was about 2.00a.m. when he did not see his son in the house that he went outside and looked around only to see him dangling on the end of a rope tied to a mango tree, lifeless.

The deceased was also said to have subtly convinced his mother to proceed on a vigil that night.

“Without trying to arouse suspicion, Ayo kept urging his mother not to cancel her earlier plans to attend the vigil.

“May be, if he had not kept on encouraging her to go, she could have cancelled the idea and who knows, if he would have been alive now, nobody will ever know.”

When The Guardian visited the school on Tuesday, students were said to have temporarily boycotted further examinations out of anger over the incident.

It was also learnt that the school authorities had to invite the police to restore calm .

A student who identified himself as Chile said if not for presence of the police, the invigilator who caught Balogun would have been lynched.

“We think AY took his life because of the pressure arising from the incident with the invigilator.

“His parents are still wondering why he took his own life since nobody had informed them about the trouble in school,” Chile said.

Another student, said : “He could not bear the shame so he took his life.”

Reacting to the suicide on Facebook, Opeyemi Toyworld wrote: “Was it why you killed yourself without thinking of us, your younger ones? What an end?”

Another reaction, from one Adewale Ajowele reads: “You did not put your mum and dad into consideration!”

Yet another from Olanrewaju Ogunyeye reads: “What could you have done? What crime? What happened to you? Who says there is no hope? Has God condemned you? Your departure is a mystery indeed.”

Speaking on Ayodeji, Pastor George , said  the young man he knew was ‘full of energy and strength, a go-getter. I know that something is wrong somewhere. I pray that you rest in perfect peace,” he grieved.

The late AY, who completed his secondary school education at  CMS Grammar School, had  two siblings, an elder sister and a younger brother.


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