by Eniola Akinkuotu


At least six policemen were killed in separate robbery incidents in different parts of Lagos over the weekend, PUNCH Metro has learnt.

One of the residence attacked by robbers in Oyingbo. Inset: Oyinloye and bullet holes on the gate. Photos: Eniola Akinkuotu

The policemen, it was learnt, were killed during robbery operations.

Also, a mother of four, Lateefah Oyinloye, was killed during one of such incidents.

It was learnt that the robberies occurred in Ajah, Aguda and Oyingbo areas of the state between Saturday and Sunday.

Our correspondent, who visited Oyingbo on Monday, learnt that a robbery occurred on Redemption Way.

It was learnt that a police corporal, identified only as Moroof, was killed alongside Oyinloye.

A resident of Redemption Way, Alhaja Olorun Orerun, told PUNCH Metro that the robbers, numbering about eight, stormed her home around 1:30am on Saturday and robbed her family.

She said, “Around 1:30am, some armed robbers jumped over my fence and entered the house. They robbed us all and riddled the entire house with bullets.

“Two of the robbers stood guard outside the compound while six stayed inside and ransacked the house. One of the robbers wore a mask while the others didn’t.

“They locked me and my husband inside the toilet and opened fire on the door. Luckily, no one in my house was killed.”

A resident, who craved anonymity, said while the robbers were trying to escape, they sighted a policeman in a patrol vehicle and opened fire on him.

He said Oyinloye, who was in a taxi at the time, was hit by a bullet.

He said, “Policemen from Denton Station usually come to our street to raid a joint in the area. A team of policemen had gone on the usual raid but the police corporal (Moroof) remained in the vehicle.

“Unluckily for him, the robbers saw him and immediately opened fire. Oyinloye was in a taxi at the time and was on her way home when she was hit by a bullet.”

Our correspondent observed bullet holes on parked vehicles on the street as well as the gate of Orerun’s house.

Oyinloye’s daughter, Bashirat, who wept as she spoke, said her mother sold drinks and usually closed late.

She said, “My mum sells spirits at Obalende and usually closes late at night. She usually comes home in a taxi. She was killed in the taxi.

“The matter has been reported to Denton Police Station but her corpse has not been released to us. We need to bury her quickly because we are Muslims.”

A family member, who craved anonymity, however lamented that the policemen demanded N34,000 before the corpse would be released.

“The policemen asked for N34,000 for embalmment and other expenses but we are negotiating with them to collect N20,000,” she said.

When contacted, telephone of the spokesperson for the state police command, Ngozi Braide, did not go through.

A Divisional Police Officer, who craved anonymity, however confirmed the death of five policemen.

He said, “Four policemen were killed at Ajah while one was killed at Oyingbo. I am not aware of that of Aguda.

“We had a meeting with the Commissioner of Police today (Monday) and security will be beefed up.”

The senior officer said the policemen killed in Ajah were ambushed in a patrol van by the robbers.

He said, “The area commander received a distress call and ordered his men to the scene. On their way there, the robbers came out from the bush and opened fire on them.

The four of them in the vehicle were killed. Co-incidentally, a traffic policeman and a civilian were within the area at that time. They were also killed.”


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3 Thoughts on “Six policemen, woman killed in Lagos robberies

  1. Mr Jude Ohadiwe on September 2, 2013 at 8:59 am said:

    Why should the Police demand for money before releasing the body of a Citizen they FAILED to protect? Gosh! This is why I want to come to the Force and make some things right. Pls the youth, let’s help in securing our country, Police can’t do it alone. The Masked robber is an insider that is for sure and guys in that area know them “Bad boys”

  2. It is high time for our police to know that they must always be at alert. I saw some policemen going on patrol but they were busy pressing phones, not minding that they can be attacked at anytime.The enemy has no symbol of identification but the police has, the enemy can easily recognize the police but the police cannot, please let us be serious with policing work.

  3. It is quite disturbing that families have to go through this with the situation in the country.
    However,crime happens everywhere in thr world with most of them with aggraveted circumstances.moreso our police officers dying in the line of duty.the only way in my own opinion,would be a neigbhood watch that came into place somtime ago which reduced the rate at which robries were happning,if possible,let their be boom gates.
    To the families of the fallen heros and that of the lady who was hit by a bullet in a car,TAKE HEART.

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