Senate yesterday alleged fresh attempts by some faceless persons to promote division and disaffection among senators.

The Upper House in a statement said it will remain solidly behind Acting President Goodluck Jonathan to execute the remaining projects of this administration.

David Mark

David Mark

Senate spokesman Ayogu Eze in the statement made available to journalists said the doctrine of necessity which brought Jonathan to power on February 9, was a collective decision of the Senate.

Eze was reacting to claims in the media, that the doctrine of necessity which threw up Jonathan as an Acting President and commander of the Armed forces was the making of some individual senators.

He said it would be mischievous for any body to claim that only few senators or groups of senators were responsible for the creation of the doctrine of necessity.

The Senate spokesman said there was no division in the Senate. He however alleged attempt by some faceless and spine doctors to cause disaffection in the ranks of the senators.

The statement read in part: “Senate has noticed attempts by faceless and cowardly spin-doctors to cause disaffection in its rank by promoting a phantom division among senators into groups loyal to the Acting President and those who are not.

“These same forces have ceaselessly continued to propagate phony meetings in the media with a view to drawing attention to themselves and possibly hoodwinking Nigerians.

“The doctrine of necessity which empowered the Acting President to take on the full powers of that office was the creation of the entire Senate, and indeed the National Assembly.

“It is therefore curious that the media has persistently created the impression that this was the handiwork of a handful of individuals. No single individual or handful of individuals can appropriate the work of the Senate.

“The Senate, under the mature leadership of the Senate President, David Mark, is solidly behind the Acting President and the new political dispensation which the Senate spear-headed along with other stakeholders.

“The doctrine of necessity is the brainchild of the Senate, clearly and unambiguously led by the Senate leadership, which indeed came up with the ingenuous explanation of substituted transmission of notice of leave, anchored on the tenets of that doctrine.

“It is interesting that the reportage of this development is usually led by reporters who are not accredited to cover either the Senate or the House of Representatives, showing that the reports are implants, deliberately distributed to mislead members of the public about how the Senate functions.

“I wish therefore to advise my colleagues in the media to be wary of reporting phantom meetings and conferences that exist only in the fertile imagination of those who push them into the press.

“I wish to equally urge Nigerians to ignore these planted stories of division in the Senate. In the Senate, we are focusing on refining the legal framework for enthroning a credible electoral process, which Nigerians are yearning for at the moment.”

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One Thought on “Senate uncovers plot to divide house

  1. Sunny (gatekeeper) on May 6, 2010 at 4:02 am said:

    The doctrine of necessity or enthronment into power. all this are not important again. we should be talking of how to get ahead.
    Laws are made by man and not man made by law. a situation warrented for necessity and it must be followed.
    The point is that our senators are far away from reality of law and Nation building. the only thing that worrys’ them is to loot as much money as possible.
    This Faceless or bodiless humans. (Ghosts) in the senate (senators) must be from placeless senatorial district of Nigeria. since we now have spirit senators, I think we need spiritual leaders to deal with their matters.
    flesh cannot fight against the spirit. “Human senators take note”

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