Written by Idowu Samuel:

Acting President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has started mustering strong good-will support from a group of well wishers, friends and admirers, who are eager to stifle all attempts aimed at subverting his authority. Jonathan’s friend, drawn mostly from the business class, Saturday Tribune can revealed have been mounting security surveillance around him in and outside the Presidential Villa amid underground moves to stifle his efforts as Acting President.

The group, it was learnt, had made arrangements toward making the Acting President go about his duties in bullet proof vest, as part of means of securing him amid tense and unfriendly atmosphere where he is generally believed to be operating.

Before he was confirmed as acting President by the National Assembly some weeks ago, the club of friends had demonstrated strong commitment to Jonathan’s success in the leadership of Nigeria, by offering him some financial backing.

The financial support being thrown behind Jonathan by friends, investigations revealed, was meant to boost his morale against the backdrop of ceaseless humiliations he had hitherto been subjected to in the Presidential Villa by the think-tank of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

To further ensure his security, the Acting President, competent sources revealed, has been warned to shun taking food and drink which source he would not vouch for, a reason he has been sticking to the food prepared right under his roof by his wife and mother.

Before President Yar’Adua left Nigeria for Saudi Arabia, where he stayed for 93 days in search of improved health, it was an open secret that Jonathan was almost ostracised from main events in government as he enjoyed little patronage from principal actors in government circles, including the President.

Findings around his office revealed that as the then vice-president, Jonathan’s office was bereft of essential paraphernalia, such that his aides and other officials depended strictly on the mercy of the President to perform official works.

As the vice-president, Jonathan, who was ever calm with visible refrain from acts capable of attracting suspicion against himself, bore all the ill-treatments against him with stoic comportments, while he was said to have used his personal money to fund official works at critical times.

There had been reports that Jonathan’s woes as vice-president had its roots in a warning strictly handed down to President Yar’Adua early in his regime by marabouts who were of the opinion that his deputy may eventually ride on the crest of his possible misfortune to later assume presidential power.

The marabouts, according to reports, had harped on the luck that has been trailing Jonathan’s sojourn in politics and his strange ascendance to higher positions as a reason Yar’Adua should always watch his back in his official dealings with him.

Since he became Acting President, however, the former Bayelsa State governor has been living on several unsolicited patronages from different quarters in Nigeria, including Civil Society Groups and top individuals, who have been struggling to make him consolidate and wield total presidential power in line with the National Assembly’s Resolution which so empowered him.

The club of well-wishers, who have been craving Jonathan’s survival as Acting President, findings revealed, have been the masterminds of the encouraging support suddenly thrown behind him by former heads of state, leadership of CSOs, representatives of the international community in Nigeria and leaders of opposition political parties.

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2 Thoughts on “Security Beefed Up Around Jonathan

  1. Agadancy on March 16, 2010 at 12:00 pm said:

    Acting President Goodluck Jonathan should becareful, he should equally beefup his security and change all the security chief especially COAS and Guards Brigade Commander immediately.

  2. He’ll probably end up like Aguiyi Ironsi, if he does not take his time… I don’t see him as different from Ogbulafor and Obasanjo… He is a member of the cabal…

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