By Olusola Sanni:

A plot to kill the Acting President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, through poisoning, has been uncovered by security agents.

The plot, which is allegedly being driven by forces opposed to the emergence of Vice-President Jonathan as the acting president, has a budget of N30 billion, the Nigerian Compass also gathered.
The plot was said to have been uncovered by security agents last week.

It was learnt that a report by security agents alleged that two serving ministers from the North and a former state governor in one of the Niger Delta states were behind the plot.

The arrowhead of the plot is said to be a minister from the North-East geo-political zone.
Sources told the Nigerian Compass that security agents are keeping a close watch on the movement of those allegedly behind the plot.

It was learnt that the idea  was to poison Jonathan through those who are close to him.
Those behind the plots are also said to be considering using women to reach Jonathan.
It was gathered that this was one of the reasons the acting president banned solidarity visits to the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

A source said, “Their thinking is that they can apply the late General Sanni Abacha formula by using women to poison him.

“Unfortunately, this plot has been blown open and the acting president, also unfortunately for them, is a very quiet man who does not go after women.”

Many of the suspects to the plot, who are government officials, have been identified as people who are “unhappy with the emergence of the vice-president as acting president.”

Although a source who spoke with the Nigerian Compass under strict condition of anonymity gave the identities of those behind the plot, he, however, said, “Government is keeping the chase game to its chest until the suspects are caught in their act.”

The source also informed that the suspect would be charged for treason when arrested.
It was gathered that while a minister involved in the plot was disposed to the assassination of the acting president, another minister prefers the option of killing through food poisoning.

The source said those involved in the plot have started approaching close associates of Jonathan with monetary offers.

It was learnt that a prominent family from the South-East was approached by those behind the plot due to the closeness of some of its prominent members to Jonathan.

The source said that the plot was uncovered through one of such close associates of the acting president who was contacted for the plot but decided to spill the bean.

The source said, “Security agents are already trailing those suspected to be behind this plot.
“We have adequate information about their activities and we will bid our time before we make their arrest and charge them for treason.”

The Nigerian Compass also gathered that the development formed part of the reasons why Jonathan banned courtesy visits.

Another security source had earlier told the Nigerian Compass that the decision of the acting president to stop courtesy visits was because “some of the so-called visitors could be agents of security breach,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the Presidency is said to be considering a preemptive step in the likelihood of the government of Saudi Arabia preventing the Federal Government delegation from having access to the President, Alhaji Umaru Yar’Adua.

The Federal Executive Council (FEC) had, last week, mandated six ministers to visit the President.
The six ministers have reportedly been granted visas.

Sources told the Nigerian Compass that the Federal Government has started oiling its diplomatic machinery in preparation for the challenge of the position of the government in Saudi Arabia.

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