By Yusuf Alli:

Fresh facts emerged yesterday that security agencies are probing the activities of some loyalists of ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua. Those under investigation are believed to be behind a campaign to give the impression that Yar’Adua is getting better.

There were reports last week that some Muslim clerics visited the ailing President. The clerics, led by the Chief Imam of Abuja, Ustaz Musa Mohammed, had claimed that they shook hands with the President but he could not talk.

According to findings, the agencies have identified five security breaches by loyalists of Yar’Adua including deliberate shielding of the President from the Acting President, provoking Jonathan into taking extra security measures; alleged plan to incite Muslims in the North against Jonathan; promoting psychological warfare over the President’s health condition; sponsoring of campaigns in the media; and using some lawmakers in the National Assembly to oppose policies or actions of the Acting President.

A reliable security source said: “What the Yar’Adua group is doing could be regarded as ‘psychological warfare’ . Sometimes, you engage in ‘psychological warfare’ out of frustration or when you become desperate. It is either of the two factors.

“We do not know whether such‘warfare’ has the backing of the family but we are certainly closing in on these loyalists of the President.

“All security agencies have been placed on the alert because they appear to be hell-bent on distracting the Acting President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.”

It was also learnt that the agencies have uncovered a plot to incite the North against the Acting President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and frustrate the inauguration of new Ministers.

A security source told The Nation :”Security agencies are monitoring the development. If the situation is not well –handled, they are plotting to set Muslims in the North against Jonathan.

“Imagine what the scenario in the North will be if security agencies invite the Chief Imam and others are invited to explain how they were cleared to enter the Presidential Villa and those who facilitated the visit.

“But we are certainly treating the matter with caution. At the appropriate time, relevant security agencies will brief the nation on their findings.”

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