BY: Yusuf Alli and Sanni Ologun

Police chief Hafiz Ringim has said they will not succumb to criminals, following yesterday’s blast the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

Police chief Hafiz Ringim

Police chief Hafiz Ringim

A statement signed by his spokesman Olushola Amore, entitled “Suicide bombing at Force Headquarters, Abuja”, said: “The Inspector-General of Police Hafiz Abubakar Ringim has expressed his displeasure over the suicide bomb attack on vehicles parked at the Force Headquarters, Abuja car park.

“The unfortunate incident, which led to the death of the suicide bomber and a Police traffic warden, occurred at about 1100hrs of 16/06/2011 when the suicide bomber’s vehicle was intercepted and directed to the car park for searching and checking.

“The Traffic Warden, who entered the vehicle of the suicide bomber to direct him to the car park, was blown off along with him as soon as they got to the car park.

“The IGP wishes to appreciate the efforts of the Fire Service and the team of armed forces Fire Service who promptly responded to put off the fire.

“The body of the suicide bomber has been recovered and a full investigation has commenced.

“Members of the public are assured that the criminal elements behind this dastardly attack will be fished out as the government, the Police and other security agencies will not succumb to the demand of any criminal group or individual.”

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One Thought on “Ringim escapes as two die in Abuja suicide bombing

  1. kingsley ogie on July 29, 2011 at 8:16 pm said:

    Plea to the Inspector General of Police, to arrest and Question all those behind the PDP Conspiracy to Murder, David Ogie PDP Youth Leader for Orhionmwon LGA, Edo State.
    On 9/4/11 night at Abudu, Headquarters of Orhionmwon local Government Area, Edo State, my brother David Ogie was murdered in cold blood at Dr Aigbogun’s residence after he was invited there for a meeting by Dr Ebegwe Amadasun, his boby was deposited in the mortuary at the same premises where he was shot, both the owner of the residence and the person that invited him to the meeting, are working free and another man that boosted that he did the shooting is also working free.
    Until my brother’s murder, he was the youth leader of Orhiomwon LGA PDP, Dr Ebegwe Amadasun and Dr Aigbogun are all PDP Chieftain in the Area,
    Till this moment the police has not carried out any investigation and none of the 200 people present has been interviewed,
    The Police in Edo State police Command has refused to do their work, instead they want any members of my family to come forward to lead the investigation,
    Presently, my family are living in fear as the same people that conspired to kill my brother will be waiting for information from the police about anyone that says anything to the police, because the police has been bought and are ready to pass any information to my brother’s killer,
    when my brother was murdered, his body that ought to be the property of the state was left for the family to take to the mortuary ,after the Police had earlier prevented them from identifying the body, my family had to hire an ambulance to take the body to Benin city from Abudu to a private mortuary, after which a police doctor was contacted for the autopsy, my family was asked to pay, 75000,naira and we were told that without the autopsy no investigation will be done,
    Is it the responsibility of the family to pay for the transfer and autopsy of a homicide victim?,
    In the first case the Edo state police Command never told the press about the shooting to death of my brother, because they said there was instruction from Abuja to kill the case because the people involved were PDP chieftains,
    Who does the police takes instruction from? Is it the Ex-Under Minister for works Engr. Ogiemwonyi or what? why should they take instructions from him not to interrogate or detain any one,
    I know that when a car is stolen, when a house is broken into, and when someone is swindled etc., the Police always announced it, Why is it that the police never said anything to the public about my brother’s murder?
    Why should the investigating police officer, tell the family of a homicide victim that he doesn’t know anyone connected with the shooting , even when he knows the premises where my brother was killed, and the owner of the house , only for him to tell the members of the family that were no there when every happened and are not trained to investigate homicide cases to lead the investigation and that, if any members of the family are willing to lead them to the house of any of the suspects they should come forward.
    As a result none of the family members came forward because they will be given away by the Police that was set up to protect then.
    My brother David Ogie had written a petition to the police that Mr Mathew Iduoriyekemwen was after his life and after that he told me that Dr Ebegwe Amadasun had been pressuring him to withdraw the petition , he told me that he was scare of his life around Dr Amadasun and that he will try to be very careful.
    Two days after Dr Amadasun conspired to murder my brother, he brought my brother’s mobile phone to our house. that one of my brother’s boys gave it to him, we refused to collect the phone from him and asked him to take it to the Police, he never did and the police never asked him, he was the one that invited my brother to the gathering to be killed, he still has my late brother’s phone till now,
    Dr Amadasun made a bizarre confession which is on audio and video, every one that has watch the video has always asked why has Dr Ebegwe Amadasun not been arrested
    Is it because he is a PDP Chieftain in the state and connected to Abuja ,so he is immured to arrest and can kill, arrange killings and conspire to kill other party members, without questioning
    on the 10/04/11 at Abudu before the accreditation for the election, the PDP vice chairman for Edo State Chief Dickson Imasogie told the Press and I quote the statements the press ascribed to him
    ( “ The deputy chairman of PDP in Edo state Chief Dickson Imasogie disclosed to newsmen in the local government headquarters on Saturday during the period of the accreditation for the election.Dickson said ‘when electoral materials were been taken to different parts of the state some party agents were mandated to escort the materials to ensure it was not diverted. But somewhere along the way at night soldiers stopped party agents from moving. The PDP agents decided to spend the night at the house of one Ibu Otomwen, a PDP leader in the area. Fews hours later some unidentified gun men came in and opened fire killing the PDP agent who happened to be our youth leader in the area’ He said the body of the deceased was later taken to Orhionmwon police station, where an official report was made. The police sources in the area confirmed the development but added that only the Police Public Relations Officer [PPRO] could make an official statement on the matter.”)
    What Chief Imasogie said less than 10hrs after the PDP conspiracy to kill my brother, the Youth leader for the Area were all lies,
    There is no way party agents were asked to escort ballot material, because it’s the responsibility of the INEC official to transfer ballot materials for the elections.
    Chief Ibioutomwen , the PDP chieftain referred to by the vice chairman Chief Dickson Imasogie has no residence in Abudu and he doesn’t leave there,
    Chief Dickson Imasogie being the vice chairman of PDP for Edo State, ought to be better informed about the other PDP chieftains in the other LGA, most especially those from the Edo South Senatorial District where he is from.
    So what was Chief Dickson Imasogie trying to hide about the PDP conspiracy to murder of my brother David Ogie,?
    I contacted Chief Ibioutomwen, he told me he was never at Abudu and that he has no residence there.
    I’m pleading with the Inspector General of Police to send his Men to look into this case,
    Also, the DPO Abudu command, the IPO handling the case at Force headquarters Benin City, and the Police Doctor that collected N75000 for autopsy, should all be sacked, as their roles in the case so far has called to questioning the integrity of the police in protecting lives and properties of all Nigerians ,as well as investigating Homicide cases ,so that the image of the Nigerian police is repaired.
    I’m pleading with the Inspector General of Police to order the immediate arrest of the following PDP chieftains in Edo south to explain their role in the conspiracy to murder David Ogie the PDP Youth leader for Orhionmwon LGA,
    1.Dr Aigbogun who provided his residence and preparation for the gathering.
    2. Dr Ebegwe Amadasun who invited David Ogie to the venue and set him up for the assassination and started the story that someone jumped over the fence to shoot my brother, after which my brother’s belongings were taken by Dr Amadasun and his co-conspirators, and also my brother’s phone in his custody should be handed to the police to check the last conversations he made and with whom.
    For the records my brother had a briefcase and 3 mobile phones the night he was murdered, In the Briefcase was a lot of cash meant for logistics for the election on 10/4/11,
    It was learned that Dr Amadasun took over the control of everything and tried to return only one of my brother’s mobile phones.
    3. Mr mathew Iduoriyekemwen , ex-majority leader Edo state house of Assembly whom my brother has written petition against to the Police because of treat to his life and who was using Dr Ebegwe Amadasun to put pressure on my brother to withdraw the petition,
    4.Chief Dickson Imasogie, the PDP vice chairman for Edo State, so that he can explain his role in the conspiracy and were he got the information that he told the press.
    5 Engr Ogiemwonyi, should also be made to explain his double role of sympathising with the family and at the same time instructing the Police that no one should be arrested and questioned.
    Also the DPO Abudu Command should be arrested to explain his role as well.
    I know that in the current political dispensation in Nigeria, the law always takes its course, and I will start my campaign for Justice for my brother with my pen, because I know that the pen is always mightier than the sword, I will continue to write, until I find Justice for my brother and all those PDP members that conspired to kill him will be brought to Justice.
    David Ogie, was the Youth leader, PDP Orhionmwon Local Government Area, and Chairman Niger Delta Youth Movement (NDYM) Edo State.
    Adieu my brother, I will not allow them to have peace until they bring out your killers amongst them.
    I will always love you,

    Kingsley Ogie.(Sydney Australia)
    e-mail :
    mobile :61412886259

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