Pastor Ayeni, General Overseer of the End time Overcomers Gospel Church in Agege, Lagos, does not stand logic on its head when it comes to baring his mind on issues that affect the body of Christ. He spoke with our correspondent Matthew Aramunde in Lagos Excerpt:-

The theme of your Abuja programme is “Great Change”. Is there any correlation with the change slogan of one of the political parties?

No, not at all, it will interest you to know that the theme of this year’s programme of my church had been conceived a long time ago even before the change of the said party became public knowledge. However, I think you will agree with me that in these perilous times, everyone should yearn for change not only physical change, but also from the spiritual perspective. We should seek with all our might positive change in our overall outlook on life, so as to fully appreciative all that the Almighty God has given us.

Most Nigerians think men of God have failed the people just like politicians. What is your take?

I will want to agree with those who feel that way, but let me also chip in here that it is common knowledge and I stand to be corrected that most of those who parade themselves as men of God were not actually called. They found their way into the vineyard because of pecuniary reasons and having come in that way before realizing the intricacies of what is involved in being called a man of God, they resort to all manner of untoward methods that are inimical to the doctrines of God in their desperation to make ends meet.

But are you not worried that the umbrella body, CAN seems incapable of sanitising its house?

I am worried because I belong to that body, however, I must confess that at my level, I might not be able to pass any comment on the inability or otherwise of the current management team to checkmate the activities of those who are giving Christendom this ugly name, I think they are in a better position to adequately address this question properly.

What is your opinion on the ostentatious lifestyle of men of God?

The bible is unambiguously clear when it stated that those who work at the altar of God should also eat from the proceeds of the altar. That is not to say that one is giving vent to the profligate life of men of God as observed by you. However, if you remember, I told you that not many of these men of God have the fear of God because they are those who Jesus Christ called hirelings whose motive is to capitalise on the show of love by their members to rip them of their hard earned money, building empires for their selves. I still do not understand why there are so many reports of the activities of these men of God, yet the body that is supposedly responsible for checkmating these misnomers, seems not to be too concerned at the damage they are doing to the body of Christ.

Men of God’s incursion into politics, is it right?

Let me apply some measure of caution in answering this question that I consider germane in the present situation the church has found itself. One, before I proceed, let me again reiterate that some men of God were called, while many simply gate crashed. I will speak for myself. I was called and that is why I do not have any other business that I do other than to maintain this ministry given to me by God and I am sure that I am not the only one that has found himself in this situation.

Secondly, I do not know how those who think politics should be intermingled with the business of the vineyard will augur well for them, but I cannot speak against those who are practicing such acts. It could be that the call they received allows them to veer into politics.

What is your opinion on patronage from politicians and the scandals it generate?

These politicians give or take are our brothers and sisters and they have been living with us ever before they became what they are now so it will be out of place for me to suggest that we ostracise them. Having said that, we should be able to whip them back on track whenever we feel they are derailing. It is only when we close our eyes to their misdemeanor because of what we stand to gain materially, that it will not augur well in the sight of God.

The scandals I mean the rumored billions, did you get your share?

Thank God you said rumor. My brother I was not given anything neither do I know anyone who said he received the said money. I think we should all be wary of such information, most especially against the backdrop of the fact that we cannot possibly substantiate or authenticate its veracity.

What is your advice to Nigerian politicians?

They should always keep to their electioneering promises. It bleeds ones heart when they begin to renege on their earlier made promises after being voted into office. I think it is unkind of them to do so. Above all anyone who reneges on an earlier promise, will face the wrath of God when the cries of the maltreated masses get to his ears.

What do you think of the adultery scandal surrounding many men of God?

These are visages of the end time; we have been warned before by Jesus Christ that the things of nature will be prevalent. Remember, I earlier told you that it is not all those who are calling themselves men of God that were actually called. Those who are called by God shun sin and can never be associated with sinful acts such as adultery.

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