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The police have uncovered a cabal operating within the Presidential Implementation Committee on Sale of Government Properties who specialise in fleecing unsuspecting people seeking to buy federal government properties of millions of naira.Police-Logo

The Police Special Fraud Unit came to a conclusion that a cabal had been operating under the PIC to defraud properties buyers while investigating a petition submitted to the Commissioner of Police in charge of the Special Fraud Unit by a company, Multiplication Global Trade Limited‎,.

The police report into the petition, which was obtained by our correspondent, details how some members of staff of the PIC colluded with outsiders ‎ to defraud sitting tenants by denying them their right to buy the properties contrary to government’s laid down procedures for the sales.

The report stated: “Discreet investigations reveal that there actually exists a cabal within the PIC whose modus operandi is described below:

“That as soon as sitting tenants of any government property expresses interest‎ to buy their flats in accordance with government policy and the PIC has profiled such tenants and found them qualified, the information about such property is immediately passed to members of this cabal who would approach the tenants and offer to buy the property off them at very ridiculous rates, usually between N10 million and N12 million maximum per flat, with subtle threats …that either they accept or they shall be disqualified.

“The tenants are usually informed that they must all make payments for their respective flats together as one. Having succeeded in putting sufficient fear in the tenants, they are now compelled ‎(the tenants) to give a joint letter of authority to the supposed buyer to deal exclusively on their behalf with the PIC and pay on their behalf the offer price. Sometimes, the tenants are paid even before the offer letter is issued.

“This modus was recently deployed to intimidate the present occupants of No 6 Ruxton Street, Ikoyi, Lagos and in the process several high ranking police officers have been maligned as having interest in the property.”

The report further stated that any member of the cabal being used for any property without paying a dime to government purse was allowed to source for buyers using the offer letter of the PIC‎ and because the properties were usually in choice areas, buyers were easy to find.

“And having found a buyer for a price that usually doubles the government offer price, usually ranging between N650 million to as much as N900 million for Ikoyi properties, such buyer is then instructed to raise drafts in the name of PIC on behalf of each tenant for the value of the offer price while the balance goes to the member of the cabal that has been assigned that property to handle and consequently shared,” the report added.

The police report found some members of staff of the PIC to have engaged in corrupt practices and abuse of office.

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