Prof Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria has advised that a good father should leave the value of integrity to his children.

He spoke on Sunday at the occasion of the Father‘s Day celebration at the Aso Villa Chapel in Abuja, noting that, what a good father should leave for his children is not money but values of the Lord Jesus Christ, stressing that these values are integrity and forthrightness.Prof.-Yemi-Osinbajo

In a statement issued by Mfon Udott, Senior Special Adviser Media and Publicity, he said what the nation needs now is people whose yes is yes and no is no and the people of honesty, noting that this is the kind of value that the children can benefit from. Osinbajo also said that “the scripture says we will be a great nation”, and it signifies that “we exemplify our conduct for our children to inherit”.

“The nation needs people who can exemplify values not riches. Many people can preach and say anything but what the nation needs now is the exemplification of those things,” the VP said.

While emphasizing on the values a father should bequeath his children as in the Holy Bible in Proverbs he gave the definition of father as any male above the age of eighteen (18) years, saying “every man is a father whether you have a child or not. Fatherhood is not just the ability to procreate but leadership as a man and this is the most important”.

Earlier, Pastor Seyi Malomo, who took his message from the book of James 1 : 17, said the concept of a Church is not just a place for religious worship.

“A church should be seen as a place of rejuvenation, a church should be seen as a place of rehabilitation.” He urged Christians “to not just come for worship, but you come to rejuvenate and for reconnection to your maker. The church is also a place to rebuke because the bible says the Lord chastise those he loves.”

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