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Ahead of Saturday’s House of Assembly election in Ondo State, some aggrieved and old members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have set up a 25-man committee to meet with Governor Olusegun Mimiko and table the conditions for which they can work for the success of the party’s candidates.Olusegun-Mimiko1

The old members arrived at the conditions at a meeting at the Secretariat in Owo Local Government.

They want Mimiko to involve them in all activities of the party, give them separate mobilisation funds and he must deal directly with members of the committee.

The meeting, chaired by Hon. Femi Adekanmbi blamed the party’s woeful performance in the last Presidential and National Assembly polls on imposition of candidates by Mimiko.

He noted that during the process leading to the elections, old members were marginalised. They were not mobilised with fund.

Adekanmbi said: “We took some resolutions in the meeting, some said we should go and join APC, others said we should remain in PDP and give the governor conditions that he must recognise old PDP and a committee has been set up to meet with the governor and come out with decisions on the way forward.

“We are going to inform the governor personally that if he wants us to remain in PDP, the old members must be respected and carry along in all activities of the party. The people also said they must be mobilised with fund separately from that of new members and that if the governor wants his candidates to win, he must not deal with anybody except the committee set up by them.

“If the governor fails to meet the conditions given, he should be expecting another woeful performance from the party. As at now, series of meetings are going on by leaders of old PDP members in the state, but someone like me, I refused to attend but I prefer to hold a meeting with my people in my primary constituency which is Owo and Ose.

“It is unfortunate that Governor Mimiko allowed things to degenerate to this level. But he has realised this issue but what do we do, we must move on. I pray things can still be redeemable, otherwise, I have my fear. Imposition of candidate caused Jonathan the chance to lose Owo, take for instance in Owo, he went to impose somebody that was not popular.“

“They pleaded to him that he should change the candidates but he insisted that he will win and I think the people showed to Mimiko that he is not God. Imposition of candidate and the other one is finance, these are the things that work against PDP. Nobody among the old has money to work with. They only used the token I gave them and the one from senator Bode Olajumoke which was his own personal money to work on that day.

“It is so sad that how can President Goodluck Jonathan brought billions of naira to Ondo State and old PDP in Owo and Ose do not have a dame from the money. It was only the new PDP who sat on them and no one naira was disbursed for the old PDP members. So that was where the failure came from. If the governor can fulfill the condition fine, but if not, the APC here we come”

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