Written by Terkula Igidi

Rep. Emmanuel Jime (APC), a member of the Federal House of Representatives for Makurdi/Guma federal constituency of Benue State has said Nigerians have got the change they have been yearning for by electing General Muhammadu Buhari as the president in the just concluded general elections.
Jime, who spoke with newsmen in Abuja said expectations are high from Nigerians about what the incoming administration of General Muhammadu Buhari will do to uplift their living standards.
He said: “I must say that there are a lot of expectations from the incoming president. People will think that as Buhari steps in, if they were soaking garri, they will suddenly begin to eat eggs and rice without even working for it. Somebody who is riding an okada expects to suddenly begin to drive a taxi. So the expectations are much but most importantly, he will govern this nation with equity and fairness but to crown it all, change has come and Nigerians are happy with it.”
Asked if he had any advice for the president-elect, he said, “I don’t think am qualified to advise the president-elect because he has been a head of state of this nation before. So he has a lot of experience on how to rule this nation and take her to that pride of place in the comity of great nations. So mine is to pray that God gives him wisdom and understanding to control the affairs of this nation.”
He praised the conduct of the general elections but said the country is still in the learning curve of democratic tenets. “I will love to give credit to our democracy and if we can sustain it, we will get to that height of sophistication sooner or later. So I can say that it’s a gradual process. America has experienced over 300 years of democracy but it’s still growing day by day,” he said.
He said what the country needs to do to keep improving was to continue with the electoral reforms, especially electronic voting, which he said would work perfectly in future elections in the country.
“And again, we are looking up to having a Diaspora voting, where citizens of Nigeria from outside the country will be given the opportunity to vote for their candidates of choice,” he added.

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