Despite has come way of the National Chairman of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Vincent Ogbulafor as some members have passed a vote of confidence on him, describing the corruption allegation against him as the handiwork of some party leaders who were desperately seeking for relevance.

Vincent Ogbulafor

National Chairman of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Vincent Ogbulafor

The new move comes as Chief Hope Uzodinma, a chieftain of the party, yesterday dismissed reports that he had been positioned to replace Ogbulafor. He denied any knowledge of plots to oust the PDP boss, saying the claim that he was warming up to take over from him was a “wicked rumour”.

Uzodinma said the chairman had done no wrong to deserve removal from office. He urged members of the party to focus on strategies that will help PDP win the 2011 poll, instead of fighting the chairman.

Rising from a stakeholders meeting in Owerri, Imo State, the PDP leaders frowned at what they called desperate efforts by some individuals in the party to inflict cracks on PDP before the next general elections.

They described the allegations as a product of envy and frustration by those who have been paid to sabotage and destroy PDP from within.

In a communiqué read to journalists by Dr. Mustafa Aliyu from Adamawa State, the stakeholders urged Ogbulafor to remain focused in reforming and repositioning PDP ahead of the 2011 elections.

They dismissed the Integrity Group which made the corruption allegations against Ogbulafor as a faceless organization populated by those who have been compromised to destabilize PDP.

The communiqué said: “There is no iota of truth in those allegations. If there is, let them take it to Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the court and see how quickly it would dissolve into vapour.

“It was their view that the allegations were trumped up to intimidate the national chairman and National Working Committee (NWC) members into surrendering party tickets to the cabal.

“Those people are afraid of internal democracy. They are used to imposition of candidates. So what you see going on is to blackmail the NWC into submission. But it can never work.”

They commended Ogbulafor for reforming the party and returning power to the people, noting that the return of aggrieved members who left the party as a result of dictatorship is a sign that PDP is healing.

On the actions of NWC as it concerns the PDP zoning arrangement which makes it mandatory that the presidency would remain in the north till 2011, the stakeholders said they endorsed it.

They called on Acting President Dr Goodluck Jonathan to take it in good faith and support Ogbulafor and the NWC as a good party man.

They contended that upstaging the zoning arrangement might lead to crisis within the party and the nation as a whole, even as they called on the governors and national assembly members elected on the platform of PDP to be good party men and support the leadership.

“Everybody who is elected under PDP should obey and support the party at all times, we must be good party men and women who believe in the supremacy of the party; they submitted,” the group said. 

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One Thought on “Ogbulafor gets confidence vote

  1. Anyi - DK on March 23, 2010 at 7:17 pm said:

    Criminals will always back up one of their own… How would anyone expect the occult members of the same criminal cabal to vote against their own…? The party that is everything but democracy where mad people with clothes on will come out to tell the world that democracy is no longer a people’s thing but the sole decision of few criminals with no good intention. A man that shameless tell the world that Nigeria is only made up of North and South, and because the ‘so-called south has had the presidency for 8 years, and then it is only ‘fair for the North’ to have 8 years! meaning any other candidate regardless of their qualification, even if sent by God from East, West or Central should forget it because Ogbulafor and his gangs are the ‘almighty’ and king makers! The old fool never thought it right that in fairness, his own people of the East has never been president of that ‘failed project’ and for that they should be given the chance!
    Goodluck has a chance to send that fool to a dungeon because I am sure his own people must have disowned him even with his stolen money.

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