By Festus Owete:

Plots to initiate impeachment proceedings against Mr. Yar’Adua in both the Senate and the House continued during the weekend. This is even as members from the north restrategise on how to stop any impeachment move against the President.

In the House, members moving against the President regrouped on Friday following a meeting by some northern representatives to frustrate the move.

A member, Aminu Tambuwal, confirmed that the northern lawmakers met and resolved to protect the President and the interest of the north.

Mr. Tambuwal, a member of PDP from Sokoto State and the House deputy whip, who said more meetings of the northern lawmakers would be held, said they would not allow further moves against the President beyond the resolution they passed to declare Goodluck Jonathan Acting President.

A member of the pro-impeachment group also told NEXT on Friday that it would still go ahead with its plot after the six-member team appointed by the Federal Government to visit Saudi returns.

“How many are they? How many attended the meeting? This thing is not about a section of a country, it is about Nigeria. If the military comes, it will not send out only southerners in government but also northerners. We are still waiting for the decision of the Executive Council. We will wait until they return from Saudi and we will see the direction they are going,” the member said.

The manoeuvrings continue as details of how the five-member delegation dispatched by the House of Representatives to deliver a goodwill message to the ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua in Saudi Arabia spent its time in that country have emerged.

The delegation, which included Baba Shehu Agaie, Mohammed Ndume, Patrick Ikhariale, Jubril Adamu and Monruf Fatai, returned to the country on Saturday, February 13 after six days without seeing the President. It only met with the wife, Turai, with whom they prayed with.

A member of the delegation, who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity, said the Yar’Adua family and Nigeria ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Garba Aminchi, did everything to frustrate the lawmakers from setting their eyes on the President.

Sightseeing lawmakers

It was gathered that as soon as the lawmakers arrived the country, Mr. Aminchi drew an itinerary for them. On the itinerary were the sight- seeing and performance of lesser hajj (Umrah) by four of the lawmakers who are muslims.

Besides, some doctors attending to Mr. Yar’Adua told them they could not see the President until they got clearance from the Saudi King because the last time people were allowed to see him (President), he caught an infection.

There is nothing in the report except that they did not see the man. “When we got to Saudi, we got in touch with the ambassador who knew we were coming and our itinerary was prepared. So, it’s like doing everything to keep us busy. The truth is that we did not see the President, which is the major point of our mission to Saudi,” he said.

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