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.Begins Plans to Occupy National Assembly
.Drags Senator Ben Bruce into fray

Hours after it was divulged that the members of the 8th National Assembly (NASS) had allocated a whooping N9billion as wardrobe allowance for its 469 lawmakers, Nigerians tuesday kicked against it.National-Assembly

While each of the 360 lawmakers at the House of Representatives would get N17.5 million, the remaining 109 senators would get N21.5 million each as wardrobe allowances.
Already, angry Nigerians especially those on Facebook and Twitter, two prominent social media platforms, have created a N9billion hashtag (#9billion), which has since gone viral.

Another hashtag which has gone viral is the #OccupyNASS, which they said would entail Nigerians demanding accountability from their representatives at the National Assembly.

The Twitter Godfather tweeting from @Ayourb wrote, “They haven’t added a single value, yet they want to cost us N8,640,000,000.00. These people are wicked. It is now time to #OccupyNASS.

“A collection of irresponsible louts seeking to profit when those who purportedly elected them are dying of hunger and penury.

“The worst part of the legislative heist is that some of these guys have been in the NASS for years collecting millions with no single bill!”

Also, another social media entrepreneur, Japheth Omojuwa tweeting from @omojuwa wrote, “Change is good when it is time to sack Jonathan, we don’t need Change when it’s time to adjust salaries? We shall see.”

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