* Martins warns against distractions

FORMER coach of the Super Eagles, Shaibu Amodu, plans to take the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to court, but the federation is not bothered about that.

The NFF received notice of litigation from Amodu’s lawyers, summoning the federation to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS). But NFF President Sani Lulu’s special adviser, Tunde Aderibigbe, says the federation’s contract with Amodu is still intact, insisting that there is no loophole that can be exploited by the coach’s lawyer.

“It was just a notice and we are responding to it. We have not defaulted in terms of an agreement between employer and client. We are still keeping to our contract,” he told brilafm yesterday. “Amodu was not sacked. He was only deployed from Super Eagles team A to team B, which means he still has his job.

“We have consulted our lawyer and he is already working on our case. Berti Vogts did the same and we argued our case.”

Aderibigbe disclosed that in Vogts’ case, the CAS “listened to us before we were acquitted by the Arbitration for Sports and FIFA. There is nothing to be worried about Amodu taking us to Court of Arbitration.”

Meanwhile, striker Obafemi Martins has pleaded with Super Eagles’ fans to reduce the pressure on the squad and new coach, Lars Lagerback, if the team must perform well at the South Africa 2010 World Cup. Martins believes that the NFF’s semi-final target in South Africa would only heap pressure on the team, as was the case in Angola.

“It’s not easy to play, but it’s very easy to talk. I think we should stop talking,” he cautioned. “Talking is not what we need now for the World Cup, but we have to prepare well and keep our focus.

“That’s the same thing they did before the Nations Cup: They said go and win, go and win,’ but it is only a matter of talking, talking, not playing the real game.

“They want us to win the World Cup, they want us to do this and do that. Everyone is saying what he expects. But winning the World Cup is not an easy task, so we must be allowed to concentrate on building a good side.”

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