By Colin Udoh:

A lopsided contract which did not favour Nigeria led, in part, to the cancellation of the friendly match with Paraguay, an official of the NFF has said.

Tunde Aderibigbe, an aide to NFF President Sani Lulu Abdullahi, told that the contract offered all sorts of guarantees to Paraguay, but nothing to Nigeria.

“The terms of the contract as sent to did not favour us. It only favoured one party.

“We would have spent well over 250 000 US dollars on that game and got nothing in return whereas Paraguay were being offered over 200 000 US dollars.

“It did not make sense for us to sign such a contract without making some amendments in our favour.”

In the amended contract, which the NFF eventually signed, Nigeria demanded equal payment with Paraguay, a share of the television rights fee in all territories worldwide except Paraguay, and the full exclusive television rights for the Nigeria territory.

Those amendments meant the NFF did not sign the contract within the time window stipulated by the match organisers and Paraguay, and the South Americans pulled out, opting to play Athletico Bilbao instead.

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