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Chairman/Chief Executive of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Ahmadu Giade wants regional bodies to be more involved in counter narcotic operations in the African continent.


Chairman/Chief Executive of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Ahmadu Giade

Giade, who made the call following the discovery of new tricks adopted by drug traffickers, said active participation by regional organisations will boost the campaign to eradicate illicit drugs from our societies.

The anti-narcotic boss said the intervention of regional bodies has become imperative for a healthy and drug free life.

“Heroin is usually smuggled from Pakistan, Iran and India but things are changing with the seizure of heroin coming from Tanzania. This is strange because they have turned drug trafficking into a relay race. The first set of traffickers will smuggle heroin from Pakistan to Tanzania while another set will take it from Tanzania to Nigeria. This is a new plan to evade arrest but we shall now beam our searchlight on African flights” Giade stated.

The anti-narcotic boss also disclosed that the role of credible stakeholders such as regional organisations must be maximised, adding that this was needed to boost drug control operations in the world particularly in Africa.

“Regional organisations can assist in developing legal frameworks and provide funding for drug control programmes. This way drug control capacity will be greatly enhanced in the continent.”

Some of the latest tricks uncovered by the country’s anti-narcotic agents include the arrest of drug traffickers who smuggle heroin into the country from Tanzania.

In addition, drug couriers now ingest liquid cocaine poured into male condoms for the first time. These tricks were uncovered at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos.

NDLEA Commander at the airport, Mr. Hamza Umar, said four suspected drug traffickers were apprehended. Two suspects, Ezeani Obinna, 28-year-old auto dealer at Ladipo market and Ozoemena Okoye Samuel, 27-year-old dealer in electrical parts both in Lagos were caught bringing heroin from Tanzania while two others, Egbo Innocent Oluchukwu and Ejimbe Christian Chidi were found to have ingested liquid cocaine poured into male condoms to avoid detection.

In his words, “they thought that scanning machine will not detect liquid cocaine but they were wrong. Even those coming from Tanzania felt that there will be no attention on them. We shall continue to do our best to prevent traffickers from using this airport”.

The suspects coming from Tanzania were detected during screening of passengers on Kenyan Airways. The other two that arrived from Venezuela used Emergency travel certificate aboard South Africa Airline flight. This was the first case of liquid cocaine ingestion in the country.

The liquid cocaine which is oily was packed inside condoms. Egbo Innocent Oluchukwu, a 43-year-old trader excreted 70 wraps of the oily cocaine weighing 2kg. Ejimbe Christian Chidi, 32-year-old teacher swallowed 54 wraps of same oily cocaine weighing 1.350kg.


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