By Senator Iroegbu


The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Bala Mohammed, and the Minister of State, Olajumoke Akinjide, has warned the senior members’ staff and directorate cadre of the FCT Administration to get serious with their duties or get punished.

FCT Minister, Senator Bala Mohammed

Mohammed and Akinjied Tuesday met with the senior officers of the FCTA from grade levels 14 and above where they read riot act to them concerning the state of service delivery within the Federal Capital City (FCC).

The two ministers who were evidently disturbed by the poor attitude to duty of the workers gave them a dress down especially with regard to matters like environmental nuisance, destitution, street trading, traffic problems, menace of prostitutes and other unwholesome practices within the city.

The duo in an apparent move to refute recent media reports of a growing rift between them jointly called on the workers to sit up or face unpleasant consequences.

The FCT Minister, who convened the meeting, warned that excuses with things like population increase in the city could no longer be acceptable for lapses, while pointing out that the administration has recorded significant achievements in the area of infrastructure development, he stated that the administration has not done well enough in service delivery.

“Whoever is ready to work should work; those not ready to work should politely say so and get out of the scene; on our part, we have made sure that we give you all your promotions and allowances but our observation is that there is no team work, everything is being done on ad-hoc and casual manner,” the minister complained.

He charged the departments of Development Control, Abuja Environment Protection Board (AEPB), the Social Development Secretariat (SDS), Facilities Management and others saddled with delivery of municipal and environmental services to buckle up. He also called on them to make sure that they maintain 24 hours surveillance on the city and its environs saying that ad-hoc approach to work would no longer be accepted.

According to Mohammed, such nuisances like street trading and begging which have become recurring decimals in some parts of the city will no longer be tolerated.

He emphasised: “If we cannot manage the city then we have no business being here.”

He commended the FCDA and the project executing departments for doing a good job and urged them to keep up the standard. I urge the other secretariats and departments to take a clue from the FCDA and work hard to make sure that the city becomes cleaner and better sanitised.”

The Minister cited the example of Lagos state where despite the huge population, the state government and its bureaucracy have been able to turn the increasing population into advantage saying that the same approach can also work here in Abuja when there is the right mindset by workers.

He also stated that he did not resort to be using consultants as the previous administrations in the FCT did because he wanted to give the workers the chance to proof their mettle but cautioned that his patience was running out.

The minister also stated that this administration does not discriminate against anybody, adding that he treats everybody equally irrespective of where they come from or their background stating. Under such a level field, there was no reason why people should watch things deteriorate.


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