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The resurgence of Ebola virus disease in Liberia has been traced to the eating of meat from a dog found dead in the village where 17-year-old Abraham Memaigar died last week, health authorities have said.

Three other residents of the village tested positive to the virus and were found to have eaten the meat, said Dr Moses Massaquo, case management team leader for Ebola Task Force, according to report by the Global News Network.

Abraham Memaigar’s body was exhumed and tested positive in a swab test.

Up to 200 other people thought to have had contact with him are also being monitored, according to the World Health Organisation.

Dog meat has not been scientifically proven to transmit Ebola, but humans have been infected by eating monkey flesh in past outbreaks.

It is also speculated the virus can persist in sperm for 90 days, compared with 21 days in blood or vomit, raising concern about possible transmission through sexual intercourse.

The resurgence came seven weeks after WHO declared Liberia free of the virus after it completed 42 days without a new case.

More than 4000 people have died in Liberia in the first-ever outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, making it the worst-hit country among three most affected, including Sierra Leone and Guinea.

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