Nigeria Technical Adviser Lars Lagerback has proposed a camp in Switzerland to ensure adequate altitude training ahead for the Super Eagles ahead of the World Cup.

The Swede sent an email to the NFF on Monday proposing that the team camp in the European country and use that as a base for their upcoming friendly games, three of which are in London.Nigeria Technical Adviser Lars Lagerback

A top official of the federation told that the NFF had no objection to the Swede’s proposal.

“He says it is important for the players to train at high altitude, although he did not mention any particular city in Switzerland,” was informed.

The village of Juf in Graubunden canton, is the highest point in Switzerland, and also the highest in Europe at 2126 metres (6973 feet) above sea level.

That compares favourably with South Africa’s highest elevation of 1970 metres (6462 feet) above sea level.

It is not certain if the village of just 6 families and a total of 24 people is what Lagerback has in mind but from whatever Swiss city is chosen, the Super Eagles will travel from there to Pyongyang on April 14 to play North Korea.

“The game is on the eve of their President’s birthday so they are quite excited about playing us on that day,” the NFF official said.

Proposed games against Paraguay on May 15, Colombia on May 26 and Ukraine on May 29 will also be prosecuted from the Switzerland base camp.

Lagerback returned to Nigeria on Tuesday evening.

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