By Colin Udoh:

Lars Lagerback is confident he can handle the media and fan pressure that accompanies the job of being Nigeria coach.

The Nigerian media is acknowledged as among the most unforgiving, and the fans among the most demanding, even if their expectations sometimes outstrips their resources, but the Swede says they can bring it on.

“They can come. I have no problem,” he told “My job is to get the best players to play and I have to do my job well and not to listen to what people say.”

Former coach Shuaibu Amodu faced some vitriolic criticism throughout his tenure, same as his own immediate predecessor Berti Vogts.

Lagerback’s tenure is already witnessing the beginnings of what may follow if results dont start coming in soon, with nicknames such as ‘Lager-beer’, Lager-back-to-sender’, ‘Lager-basket’, already making the rounds.

But Lagerback, who was the target of similar invective in Sweden, says he comes prepared.

“In Sweden it was the same. But for me, it is important to do the job, and we have to start quickly because the time is a problem.

“I don’t worry about what people say because I have to focus on the team and try to make them play good football.”

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