Super Eagles skipper Nwankwo Kanu will on Monday be in the presence of the Queen of England at a reception marking the Commonwealth Day.

The reception, which will hold at Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London, comes up at 6pm (7pm Nigerian time) and will also have in attendance the Queen’s husband. Members of the diplomatic corps are expected on the occasion.

Invited at the behest of the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Mr. Kamalesh Sharma, an Indian diplomat, guests were asked to show up at the venue either in lounge suites or their national attires.

A delighted Kanu said it was a great honour to be invited to such an event, especially as it was taking place barely 48 hours after his team, Portsmouth, reached the semifinals of the FA Cup after a 2-0 home win over Blackburn Rovers on Saturday.

”It is really a great honour to be invited to such an event and I am really looking forward to it,” Kanu said.

The Commonwealth theme for this year is ‘Science, Technology and Society.‘

The Commonwealth, which is made up of former British colonies, has the Queen as its head and is made up of 54 countries.

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4 Thoughts on “Kanu to meet Queen at Commonwealth reception

  1. Sirkay on March 9, 2010 at 7:53 pm said:

    @ Anyi and paddy, let me start by commending your both comments/contributions, honestly you guy are the kind of people we need in Nigeria. I have read sevral comments on nigeria nwes and I have nt come acrross good comments as goods as yours. what many of the commentors do is to engage in some kind of ridiculos abuse or the other along with tibal/religon diffrences.

    Having said that, I my oppinon I think the only enemy we have in Nigeria is western world. they were nothing hipocrates. Infact, I dont know where to start from, but the bottom line is that they are the cause of our problems. the eailer we know this the better of us.

    The whites killed the millions of India Americans (Native Americans) and you will never hear them called it genocide.

    Hitler did the same to the Jews and they naned it Hollocost, and till this present time many people sympatize with the jews.

    In 1941, they killed thousand of Palestinal muslims all in the name of creation of state of Isreal and consiquently the middle east has not wittnes peace since then.

    As for the norther Nigeria, their leaders do not want them to be educated so that they will not be able to challenge them.

    As for wether or not Kanu should shun the Queen is left for him to decide, however Achebe should not be comparw with Kanu because there were two diffrent personality in all ratimifications if not a paralle line.

  2. Anyi- DK on March 9, 2010 at 11:29 am said:

    @Paddy, thanks for your response, I may want to agree with you in one area that ‘ I won’t kill my brother even if God ask me to’ Although God will never ask you to do.
    However, I want to disagree with you bluntly that Kanu should go there and if given chance should say his mind.. That will be mad for him to do after he must have stepped into the palace where genocide of his people was sanctioned. Yes, Muslims terrorists as always has been killing Christians at will, and that is as you may agree as a result of the British past evil legacy of backing them against the very same people they converted to Christianity.
    If you carefully looked at the madness happening in that British failed project, it is a well calculated plot by the British to make sure there is no stability in that land, because they know too well that if their is stability, and justice, then their free oil flow will be jeopardised. Just to give you ask you, before you talk about ‘the phoney independence’ why is it that all subsequent rulers must seek and get acceptance from the British, even when the ‘Nigerian’ people objects such government? Same goes with any project by any Nigerian ruler, must be taken to Britain for a go ahead before it can happen regardless of the negative effect of such on the people?
    Why hasn’t British government or the queen own up to their evil of foisting a Nigeria against the will of the people with nothing in common, but solely for their selfish interest?
    Remember that the reason why incitement is considered a serious crime in many situations is that it is very powerful to the uninformed, of which many of those mallams are.
    The root cause of the Nigeria problem is Britain, and that is why even after their ‘stepping aside’ they still maintain the gripe with their ‘warrant chiefs’ both military and semi-civilians. Else, why are they afraid of letting the nations in the forced Nigerian marriage to break away even when it is clear that they can never live together?

  3. Paddy on March 8, 2010 at 8:21 pm said:

    As much as I understand your anger Anyi – DK , Kano is not Chinua achebe nor is the Queen Obasanjo. I beleive kano will gain more by honoring the invitation and if given the chance to speak can say what he wants to say. Can even present a letter to the Queen with the demands of the biafra people. Living in a political world, you should know how to deal with issues politically. Have the Biafras ever spoken to the Queen about this?? Play dirty only when you know you can survive it.
    Anyi – DK but we are still killing or masacring ourselves in the north in the name of religion and on Benin-Lagos road by robbers when the Queen no longer have hand in our governance. Sometimes we even kill thinking it will make us rich or wealthy. I think we like killing ourselves out of mere hate or ignarance. I won’t kill my brother if even God asks me to.

  4. Anyi - DK on March 8, 2010 at 3:40 pm said:

    Urgent message to you Nwankwo Kanu!!
    I have a very wise advice for you, if you truly share my opinion, call on the Queen to first apologise for the British hand in the genocide of your people during the Biafra war. the queen and his government planned and carried out the genocide of Igbo/Biafrans, but while the Germans and the rest who took part in the killing of Jews in the 30/40s, NO ONE has thought it right to apologise to the Igbos for the genocide against them masterminded by the queen and her government.

    Nwankwo make a good name for yourself, just like Chinua Achebe did when Obasanjo wanted to gave him his blood award! I bet the world will honour you more, if you take my advice to shun the so called queen of genocide!

    Remember your people’s recognition is worth more than any foreign recognition especially the woman that masterminded the mass killing of your own people.

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