By Julius Toba:

ABOUT 140 members of  the House of  Representatives  believed to have sympathy for Acting President Goodluck Jonathan have begun  moves to initiate another round of political crisis that may threaten Speaker Dimeji Bankole’s leadership of the House.

Although it has taken the group months of deft political manoeuvring to stage the plot, the lawmakers eventually came out at a press briefing in Abuja where they made their mission clear.

They said they were determined to remove all “obstacles” that might hinder the Acting President from performing his responsibilities as enshrined in the constitution.

Top on their list of perceived obstacles to Jonathan is the Speaker himself who was believed to have arm-twisted many of his colleagues and frustrated efforts of majority to invoke appropriate sections of the constitution intended at empowering the Acting President at the heat of Yar’ Adua’s  absence in the country.

Jonathan was reportedly piqued by Bankole’s roles during the crisis when it became clear to him that politics that led to the House delaying its resolution on Section 145 was purely that of its leadership.

Majority of the members, it was gathered, have raised the group as a platform to ensure that the Speaker gets a feel of his politics.
The impending political imbroglio that may come out of the plot may be too much for Bankole to bear as several members have started jostling to join the group, sources said.

They are essentially those who were at one time or the other  been offended by Bankole over what they call his “overbearing” leadership style.
One interesting aspect of the move is that the membership  cuts across party and sectional interests with more than half of them coming from the Pro-Etteh individuals who are still sad over the processes that eventually forced the former Speaker out of office. .

Aba Anas Adamu who led the group said unlike what obtained in the past, they would henceforth frown at any act of subjugating the constitution of the country.

Adamu said there would be no going back on the position of the group in their declaration of unshaken supports for Jonathan and any of his policies.

Nigerian Compass gathered that consultations are going on, on how the report of the N2.3 billion car scam in  the House   would be brought out again.

A member of the group from the South-West who did not want his name in print said the fight might soon get dirtier as there are pressure on  members of the Ethics and Privileges Committee to bring up the matter on the floor of the House any moment from now.

However, the Chairman, House Committee on Media, Eseme Eyiboh, disowned the group and its activities.
He said he was not in town when the purported press conference was staged on Thursday.

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3 Thoughts on “Jonathan: 140 Reps move against Bankole

  1. Hard Fact on March 23, 2010 at 2:41 pm said:

    The honey moon is over.
    Pomposity must give way to humility.
    Reading between the lines, it means that Bankole really compromised in the car deal.
    We now know better.

  2. Brown- USA on March 23, 2010 at 1:13 pm said:

    A lot of people feel they are above the laws of the land. Anyone who is a torn in the flesh of 150m Nigerians and instead constitutes a nuisance, obstacle, clog, shackle, barrier, anti people must be shown the EXIT. The Laws of the land must prevail and if Bankole is not a representative of the people then he has to go. There should be no sacred cow. Long Live Goodluck Jonathan – the acting president, Long Live the Fed Republic of Nigeria.

  3. Just too dangerous for the speaker.

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