By Olajide Omojolomoju

Rivers State governor and Director- General of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign Organisation, Rotimi Amaechi has raised alarm over an alleged plot by President Goodluck Jonathan to assassinate him on March 28, as he goes out to vote in his home town.

Speaking to journalists in Lagos yesterday, Amaechi said he has already petitioned the President on the assassination plot and therefore President Jonathan should be held responsible if the assassination succeeds.

He said: “I have gotten information that I should be assassinated on March 28. They have approved 30 soldiers to come from 82 Division and yesterday (Tuesday), they had what they call ‘recce’ in my village. The assassination team is to be led by an Army Major in the 82 Division, who hails from Idoma in Benue State. The plan was hatched between the Director-General, Department of State Security, DSS and the army and the DSS has asked for military cover when they will come to my village.

“When I got the information initially, I was not bothered; I felt it was from one of these rumours politicians peddle, until people from my village reported back to me last night that strange people came to the community; drove round the community and left. And the person who gave me the information called me back and said they have come for what they call ‘recce’ in military parlance and by Thursday, I should be careful.

“The informant suggested that I leave the country and I felt it would be cowardly to leave the country. If the President wants me dead, the first thing to do is to let the public know, before I am shot to death by the President and his people.

Amaechi also alleged that the “Chief of Army Staf, General Minimah, who is from Rivers State, and from the same Opobo community as APC gubernatorial candidate, Dakuku Peterside, had as at this morning (Wednesday) taken over Opobo town, with soldiers. He wants to deliver Opobo to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. So, he has sent soldiers to take over the entire place and in the same manner they have deployed soldiers to Rivers State.”

The governor also alleged that the shooting at Okrika was targeted at him, “but unfortunately for them, they didn’t realise that I was going to be stopped from going to Port-Harcourt, because I had to brief the leaders of the party on activities of the campaign. That was what saved my life.”

He said his security has been depleted deliberately by the Federal Government, adding that he didn’t know it was a deliberate attempt to pave the way for the assassination plot.

Amaechi said: “The information about my assassination first came that it will happen on February 14 and when it didn’t take place on February 14, I thought it was over. Now, I have received it again. This is the second time I am getting the information. The first one was a credible security source but not the army, but this time, the source is from the military. All of them are pointing at the DSS. It is now that we are being told that DSS is asking for military cover in case they attack me.

He said the source told him that those at the meeting where the plot to assassinate him was hatched were security chiefs, adding that the source actually told him to watch out today.

Declaring that he would not flee the country for his life, despite pleas from his wife and children to leave the country, Amaechi said he will not leave the country, despite the threat of assassination against him, because he believes that it is better to stay in the country to effect the change he believes in.

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