by By Maobuye Nanagi Obu

Haa Izon! Izon Keme mi.
For those who may not know, the word “Izon” means “TRUTH”. Therefore, I shall be on the path of truth hereon. I know I will be attacked for this, but, before you start batting an eyelid and before you start displaying your verbal cholera, just look around your environment (in any part of IJAW Land) and tell me one tangible investment you can find? Without much ado, to say the IJAW NATION is sinking daily is even an understatement, we are almost going into extinction. Today I write concerning the welfare, vision, mission and way forward of the IJAW Youth Council (the IYC) since it’s inception.jonathan Having perused through the “Mina-Ama Declaration” and others including the “Kaiama Declaration” of December 11 1998 at Kaiama, I find it nebulous to believe if the activities of the IYC today is still in tandem with the succinctly put “Kaiama Declaration’ of 1998? Truth is, one cannot forget in a hurry, the sincere inputs of the illustrious Sons and Daughters of the IJAW NATION who thought it wise then to set up the IYC. Read More →