A very dependable source  told Daily Sun: “Jonathan was made to understand that there is no way the North would not feel short-changed if another Southerner becomes president in 2011 after eight unbroken years of Obasanjo presidency. In any case, Jonathan is still seen as a light-weight politician, his acting presidency position notwithstanding. As a form of compensation for him,  the group moved to persuade IBB to run with him.”

Babangida’s candidacy is being advocated specifically for the same reasons Obasanjo was made president in 1999. According to our source,  because these are very testy times, “We don’t want a trial and error scenario. We need a man who has been there before, a man who knows the challenges of the office. A stabilising  figure, who is reasonably accepted in different parts of the country. Of all the former heads of state, IBB appears the most acceptable.”

However, the group pushing for the IBB/Jonathan 2011 ticket appears split down the middle. While a rump of the Yar’Adua  group appears to favour an IBB presidency, they are not favourably disposed to Jonathan in the political calculation. Some powerful  political gladiators,  Daily Sun further gathered,  are vehemently  against a Jonathan presidency or vice-presidency beyond 2011. Their grouse, according to our source,  stems from the ‘untidy’ manner the Acting President allegedly handled the Yar’Adua issue. His words:  “Jonathan behaved double-facedly in the issue of the ailing President. While, on the one hand, he pretended to be in sympathy with the embattled President, on the other hand, he was stoking the fire and engineering the processes leading to his eventual declaration as Acting President.”

Another group in the power calculus also appears favourably disposed to a Babangida/Orji Kalu ticket n 2011 or Babangida/Peter Odili  pair. The reasoning is that both Kalu and Odili are consummate grassroots politicians with a large following and acceptability in different parts of the country.  But Jonathan  is likely to clinch the vice-presidency ticket under Babangida because of the powerful forces in the Advisory Council rooting for him.
The  Yar’Adua  group  seeking a soft-landing for its members are also sharply divided over who takes over from the ailing leader if he eventually makes it to 2011. While  some key members of the group feel comfortable with a Babangida presidency,  other strong voices would prefer a serving Northern governor as presidential candidate, with Chief James Ibori, former Delta governor  as running mate.

Even though he’s yet to make a public pronouncement on his rumoured presidential interests, Daily Sun investigations reveal that the former military president may have braced up to the challenges of running  for the exalted office in 2011. He has been consulting different interest groups as well as Nigeria’s foreign allies who seem disposed to his return to the office he left 17 years ago. Towards this end, Babangida is expected to travel out of the country this weekend on a routine medical check-up. “But he will be consulting with some Western powers on the way forward for Nigeria and his role in the post-Yar’Adua era,” our source confided.
How these contending forces and power-§play would play out before Nigeria’s crucial 2011 elections remains to be seen. And Nigerians,  stupefied at the game of wit and intrigues hovering around the power circuit, watch with bated breath.

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11 Thoughts on “2011: Jonathan to run with IBB

  1. We have seen it all. Finally Babangida has been relegated to the background.

  2. Kingsley Nwosu on September 15, 2011 at 3:59 pm said:

    Why won’t it be considered shameful for any newspaper or person/s to even nurture such thoughts that after 17 years, a president whose achievement in Nigeria remains unquestioned when questionable should be agitated to reutrn back to the seat of power in Nigeria geo-political scene not even to discuss the eventuality of seconding our current president to become his vice-president. Is it how the hunger for power has consumed those resolve is to doomed nigeria once again. Why not allow Nigerian to choose whom to vote for, instead of wanting to impose upon us a belated action leader who lived in luxury while the rest of us was surprised down the pooverty line. Babangida is not fit for our country. If there is no other person of reasonable thought in Nigeria, how about Gov. Fashola of Lagos state who has shown what action means beyond words.

    How can we think of giving our trust to a generation who does not know the value technology advancement. Can any of the people propagating the return of Babangida prove to me anything meaningful he did for our great country Nigeria during his coup de’tat tenure for years he was there.

    Its time for the press in Nigeria to awake from slumber and refute to print any publication that do not make sense in the mind of new generations of Nigerian citizens.

  3. prosper obas on March 10, 2011 at 2:41 pm said:

    ibb shoud be given another chance because he have every thing he wanted already

  4. Goodluck is good for nigeria and is the man we no

  5. kosonanbe on October 1, 2010 at 7:58 pm said:

    IBB can not offer nigeria anything.

  6. I do no think that IBB will make any impact this time as a civilian. He had the chance to rule Nigeria for such a long time and was only able to put the country into much debt and high level corruption. What is he still looking for in ASO Rock?

  7. Nigeria and Nigerians need a change and that chance need an experience man like IBB who knows everything that is wrong to this country and everything that will bring positive change to this country also. Because of the accusation that is the one who spoil this country, to me there is nothing wrong to give him another chance to correct his mistakes, since is he accept and willing to correct his mistakes.

  8. With the second coming of that anti-Christ, if the world fail to act quickly to stop that blood thirsty evil man… Then that will be the final nail on the coffin of the already dead Nigeria…

    Good Night

  9. Paddy on March 10, 2010 at 8:45 pm said:

    Nigerians are tired of who has been there, for non of them from their legacies was worth being there afterall. they were only there to weigh the country down, kill and loot the national wealth. Most of them now may hate Dr. Jonathan because of his plain way of handling things so the common man may see and benefits. You will say he is unfaithful for not dancing to the tune of the music of those who have been there, very good of him. Making him follow-Follow will only put Nigerians on the same track if not worse.
    Nigeria and Nigerians need a change and not a recycle of old beasts coming to devour the country second time. Once a pig is always a pig and the tiger never becomes a vegetarian.
    You (the writer of these articles for the Nigeria newspapar online) are a misleader and you are misrepresenting the real thoughts of the common Nigerians. I understand, you may be afraid to die like Dale Giwa, but what is a journalist who writes lies?? Fear or tribalism better you don’t write at all than put this nonsense to decieve the world.
    As Audu rightly put it, watch out for the day is near. Everyday may be for you the liar and thief, and just one golden day for the owner will put you out. You can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all the time. The gentility of the tiger doesn’t make it a weak animal.
    May I ask why such a serious article is not signed??

  10. Nnamdi Nwaezelukwu on March 10, 2010 at 7:49 pm said:

    Real Nigerians and those who wish Nigeria well are definitely tired of the acrobatics of our professional politicians whose only goal is to cater for their greedy selves. The Babangidas are evils these well-meaning Nigerians and their friends want to forget permanently. The misdeeds of General Ibrahim Babangida are too fresh now in peoples’ minds for him to venture into the 2011 arena as a candidate. We appreciate the fact that he did not work hard for the funds he is now prepared to squander for 2011 . It was easy money stolen from the Nigerian people during the Gulf war oil boom era. So, easy come easy go ! Please keep Dr Jonathan’s name out of the stupid permutation in the write-up. We know better!!!When and if Dr Jonathan decides to run, if he pleases the Nigerian people during his interregnum, Nigerians will find a suitable person to be his Vice-Presidential candidate. Definitely not the re-cycled Babangidas !!!!

  11. Cashmiar Audu Esq - Germany on March 10, 2010 at 10:43 am said:

    Those whom the Gods wants to kill, they first make mad. Nigerians are undoubtedly tired of the seek and hide desperate game being played by our politicians. Believe me, Nigerians are truly less interested in what name, tribe or person rules them but more interested in waiting for a saviour who will put breads on their tables, ensure their kids can go to scholl and create jobs and a condusive environment for them to live.

    Babangida, Obasanjo and co are all birds of the same feathers flocking only differently when the tide is unsmooth. I simply dont understand why Nigerians are continually made to believ that the one is better than the other.

    Every day that passes by lately, I read the signs on the wall that Nigeria as a naton is on the verge of being broken into bits. Everyday can be for the thief but one day is surely going to be for the owner…..Lets keep watch for the day is near


    Humble me

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