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…Commends Buhari’s anti-corruption war
FORMER minister of finance, Dr. Kalu Idika Kalu has described the high level of poverty in Nigeria as unacceptable considering the enormous resources of the country.Idika-Kalu

Dr. Kalu, who attrib­uted the development to corruption in the system called on all Nigerians to rally strongly behind the anti-corruption crusade of the current administration of President Muhammad Buhari.

He stated this on Tues­day in Lagos at the sec­ond Prof Eni Njoku Me­morial Lecture organised by the Igbo Students Union of the University of Lagos in collaboration with Ndigbo Lagos.

Speaking on the level of poverty in the land and President Buhari’s anti­corruption crusade, he said: “This nation needs to move because despite its abundant resources, the poverty level is still very high.

“So, in order to get the large majority in the bottom to move in terms of their supply of basic needs – potable water, power, education, trans­portation, communication and health among others, we have to rout out cor­ruption and recover all that wealth that have been wasting, those wealth that have been kept fallow and inactive to meet the needs of the people.

Look at housing, the structure of our hospitals and schools; these are all the reasons we must fight corruption. So, I think all Nigerians must rally strongly behind the presi­dent to fight this battle. We have been waiting for a long time for some kind of a uniform approach to routing out this evil called corruption because that is what has held this country back.”

Commenting on the personality of Prof Eni Njoku and the lessons of the lecture, he said: “The man we honoured today is one of the staunchest Igbo leaders we have ever had.

“He was a great patriot and a great nationalist. So, you can see the inter­play between the ethnic structure of this country and the need to build a strong nation.

“He also represented a strong institution not only in the University of Lagos, which he started as the first vice chancellor but he was also a very no­table professor at the Uni­versity of Ibadan as well as the University of Nige­ria, Nsukka where he was also a vice chancellor.

“So, the essence is scholarship and indus­try. The constituent parts must be built on the same principle of hard work, scholarship, integrity and honour.”

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