Hello Brothers! I want to tell an interesting story and advise the site Jiji.ng. I recently dropped my Samsung mobile phone. He crashed and in the workshop told me that it can not be repaired. Money to buy a new device at this time was not. I could not stay without a phone. Because people constantly call me from work, and also my relatives. Wanted to take the credit.

Friends stopped me and opened section “JiJi Mobile Phones” at site JiJi.ng. At first I didn’t understand what it’s type of resource. Decided that this online store and there can be a big cost. But, actually it is a platform where people sell all sorts of things. Here you can buy clothes, shoes, mobile phones, computers and even car!

The main advantage is that not all goods are new. There are used goods in good condition! It inspired me. Indicated in your search string the name of the phone: Nokia. In the list was 36 variants. I needed a device with a touch screen and access to the Internet. I liked the model Nokia N97.

Appearance is attractive. On the body no scratches and the buttons are fully intact. Description suit me. Called Back to the seller. It was the girl who said if I take it today, she will give me headphones and a charger for the car.

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