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A House Wife, Uwanin Takai has taken her husband to Takai Sharia Court in Kano State on Friday, seeking for divorce due to lack of proper feeding as the husband provides her with a meal per day.

However, the man, Ubaliyo Takai, disputed his wife`s claim, saying that his wife insisted on being served with tea and bread every morning, which he could not afford.

“I married the woman two months ago. She told me that she was fed up with eating cooked guinea corn every day and I changed her diet to eight tubers of cassava daily.”

The Sharia Court Judge, Malam Auwalu Bashir, admonished the couple and urged them to reconcile their differences which they did in the court room.

In a related development, Usaina Fititi also sued her husband before the same court, asking for divorce on the ground that the man was not providing soap and detergent to her.

The court’s presiding officer advised Fititi`s husband to reconcile with his wife amicably and to always take care of her needs.


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