Gunmen invaded the private residence of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Domestic Matters, Waripamowei Dudafa, at the weekend.

The gunmen, numbering 10, said to be wearing mobile police uniform, stormed Dudafa’s house located behind the low density Tower Hotel area of Ekeki suburb on Saturday by

According to eyewitness, the gunmen repeatedly demanded to know the whereabouts of the policemen guarding the premises.

When told they were not on duty, the gunmen ransacked the house and destroyed the safe close to Dudafa’s room.

They reportedly gained entry into the premises after telling the security men (civilians) that they were policemen from Police Headquarters, Abuja.

As soon as the invaders, who came in two black Sport Utility Vehicles, gained entry, they reportedly bound the chief gateman, one Adamu, tying his legs, his hands, covering his eyes and gagging him.

Adamu said they banged on the door, asking, “Where is the security man? Where is the security man? I told them I was coming.

“When I asked who they were, they replied ‘they were policemen.’ They asked the whereabouts of the police security operatives in Dudafa residence.

“They ordered me to open the gate. I opened a small gate and saw about 10 of them. They pushed me and they gained entry into the premises.

“They hit my head. They tied my hands, my legs, covered my mouth and eyes with adhesive tape. They went for my room at the security gate and asked me to show them the apartments of police security in the building.

“They also asked for Oga’s (Dudafa) house keys. I told them I did not know where they were since I was not the person keeping them.

“They said they would kill me if they eventually find the keys in my place. I kept quiet.”

Adamu disclosed that the armed men ransacked his room and found a bag containing a bunch of keys which they used to gain access into the main house.

He said one of his brothers, Ibrahim, who went out came back and was taken by the gunmen to the boys’ quarters to access a room where a nephew of Dudafa, Preye Okoru, was sleeping.

He said he could not ascertain what they took from the house, but he heard them dragging a big bag towards the gate when they were going.

It was learned that the Bayelsa State Police Command, when informed of the incident, dispatched a patrol van of the Operation Doo Akpor and a team of detectives to the house.

The state police command spokesman, Asinim Butswat, confirmed the incident, saying the information at his disposal was that the invaders were clad in military uniform.

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