By Anayo Okolie


The Lagos League of Political Parties (LLPP) has urged Lagos State Ministry of Transportation to caution the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) drivers over reckless and dangerous driving in the state.

A BRT bus

The statement made available by the chairman of the group, Chief Udoka Udeogaranya, stated that on a daily basis, BRT drivers throttle past recommended speed limits, diverts into all road lanes without adhering to basic traffic precautions or pay any attention to safety of other road users.

Udeogaranya disclosed that all over the world, government controlled public transports are well known for their uttermost caution, unparallel safety sensitiveness and speed moderation while conveying commuters. The only global exception is Lagos BRT.

For BRT to fulfil its aim of introduction, he said that Lagos State Government must proceed to instil measures that will bring safety and sanity on the part of the BRT drivers.

The statement further stated that LLPP would like Lagos State Ministry of Transportation to install speed barriers on the BRT buses to ensure that the drivers never sped past 50 kilometre  per hour, rear cameras or rear mirrors and sensors to give the drivers clear rear views, warning signals and most importantly, safety training and retraining to all BRT drivers and conductors, adding that the act of good governance implies instilling discipline on ones work team and BRT drivers cannot be an exception.

He said: “While we commend the government for the introduction of the Lagos bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to help cater for the transportation needs of the public, we also find it necessary to alert the same government that the laudable project is fast turning into nightmare as many have been injured, maimed and caused irreplaceable damage and loss by reckless and dangerous driving by BRT drivers,” Udeogaranya said.


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