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• Sends Sirleaf to Jonathan

Libyan president, Muamar Ghaddafi, yesterday swallowed his pride and apologised to Nigeria over his recent controversial statements that the country be divided along religious or ethnic lines as a way of permanently resolving the incessant ethno-religious crises in the country.

Ghaddafi showed deep remorse over the statement which elicited wild reactions from Nigerians.

He spoke through the Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who led the Libyan special envoy, Muhammed A. Sherif, Secretary-General of World Islamic Call Society, based in Tripoli, capital of Libya, to see Acting President Goodluck Jonathan.  Others who accompanied him were Mr. Rafa Al-Madani, Executive Secretary, Forum for Arab-African Non-Governmental Organisations, also based in Tripoli, and three embassy staff in Nigeria.

Speaking to State House correspondents after meeting Jonathan, his spokesperson, Ima Niboro, said Jonathan cautioned Ghaddafi over the statement which created disquiet not only in Nigeria but also within the international community.

Ghaddafi had made the statement at the peak of the religious crisis in Jos, Plateau State, in which hundreds of persons lost their lives.  First, he was quoted to have demanded the break-up of Nigeria along religious divides so that Christians and Muslims live separately, and later he amended his view and said the divide should take ethnic coloration and not a religious one.

Niboro said, “The Liberian President came this evening to have a meeting with the acting president. It is actually an initiative on her part to broker rapprochement between Nigeria and Libya, so she came with two special envoys from the president of Libya”.

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2 Thoughts on “Ghaddafi Apologises To Nigeria

  1. Raw Justice on April 2, 2010 at 6:01 am said:

    Although the erratic behavior and unguarded utterances of Mr Gaddafi, made it difficult to know when he say the NAKED TRUTH, however, on the issue of Nigeria facing up to the fact, I don’t think Gaddafi, should not have any cause to regret the bold truth that apart from every other things credited to him, seem to be the best that has come out of him in line with his African.

  2. kwondokor on April 1, 2010 at 10:17 am said:

    We all know that Gaddafi cannot Apologise for saying the truth..Because what he said is the truth….We in that west region of Africa is just blindly fooling our selves about this project called “Nigeria”..Britain knows what they deed to that Region they gave its name “Nigeria”.Today b/cos of Oil everybody pretends that all is well…forgeting that word that says….Only the TRUTH can set one or ppl free.”For truth begets freedom and peace”..We all know by now that we believed and live in a false country call “Nigeria”You can fool ppl some time…but cannot fool them all the time…Only time will tell..untill that day!! dream on…..

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