Libyan President, Muammar Gaddafi came under fire in the Senate yesterday as the Senate President, David Mark dismissed him as “a mad man” over his inflammatory remark about Nigeria.

Also yesterday the Senate passed a resolution mandating the security operatives to fish out those behind the Warri bomb blast for prosecution, even as the Upper House lampooned top government officials reported to have made uncomplimentary remarks over the blast.

Senate President, David Mark

Senate President, David Mark

The resolution followed a motion by the deputy majority leader of the Senate, Victor Ndoma-Egba drawing the attention of his colleagues to last Monday’s attack on post amnesty conference in Warri, Delta State by the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta.

The Libyan leader was reported to have called for the division of Nigeria along religious lines (Christians-Muslims) as the only way to avert further blood bath in the land.

However, Mark enjoined Nigerians to ignore Gaddafi.

Trouble started on the floor of the Senate yesterday when Senator Ayim Ude through a point of order drew the attention of the lawmakers to a recent call by Gaddafi for the division of Nigeria along religious lines.

But Mark said discussing Gaddafi’s remark would amount to giving unnecessary publicity to “a mad man.”

He said: “Why do you want to give a mad man that level of publicity. He said the same thing about Switzerland, he said the same thing about England and it did not work. In my own opinion, I do not think he needs that publicity at all.”

Other senators who spoke to journalists at the end of the session also came down heavily on the Libyan leader.

Senator Joel Danlami described him as a reckless and an incurable madman who should restrict his advice and energy to his country Libya.

“He is a reckless leader and his madness is incurable. Nigerians have lived together and we have mixed, intermarried as Christians and Muslims and I believe we need to live together. Even in Israel, we still have Muslims, in some places, Arabs are there and I believe he has lost his conscience and he is not a leader people should believe in.

“He should carry his cross and he should limit himself to Libya. Nigeria is not the only country that has crisis, what will he say of Sudan? What solution will he give to Sudan where religious crisis has been ravaging them? It is madness. He is mentally unstable. Gaddafi is reckless and people like him should be disregarded.”

In his own contribution, Senator Otaru Ohize said that Gaddafi’s utterance was a great disservice to Nigeria, which should be taken with a pint of salt.

He said: “It is not something we should give weight to. He is not wishing Nigeria well; it is the greatest disservice to Nigeria and it is condemnable and it amount to nonsense, let us ignore him.”

Also contributing, Senator Mohammed Jibril said Gaddafi no doubt was out of his senses to make such comment.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives yesterday frowned at comment made by Gaddafi that Nigeria should be divided into two.

In separate reactions by lawmakers, they condemned the suggestion saying he does have the knowledge of the Nigeria.

In his own comment, Hon. Emmanuel Jime said: “It is unfortunate because his opinion bothers on ignorance and it is impossible because if you go to the northern part of the country you will see Muslims and Christians from the same compound. Gaddafi’s suggestion is a reckless suggestion. It is surprising that a man that has been advocating a strong Africa is making such statement. He should not be given much credit because doesn’t deserve much attention.”

He said Nigeria problem was non-religious, adding that Nigerians have been together and there is need to focus on factors that bind us together.

Dino Melaye said Gaddafi’s comment should not been taken serious because a man of his age should have a symptom of misbehavior.

“The country is formed by God so mere statement of a lunatic should not shake us. We are united; our problem is domestic and is going to be tackled domestically. Distance between Nigeria and Libya is very wide.”

On his own, Patrick Asadu said: “Gaddafi is seeing Nigeria as a great competitor so he is not in the best position to tell us what to do. He’s dreaming of becoming the President of Africa. If you want to divide this country, how can we divide Jos?”

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6 Thoughts on “Gaddafi is a mad man — Mark

  1. Anyi - DK on March 18, 2010 at 4:57 pm said:

    I think this fools should guard their words, it is clear they cares less about the millions of ‘Nigerian passport carriers’ around the world seeking refugee, and many that are in Libya who are already suffering in Libya, thanks to the evil mis-rulers like Mark and co. Those people –Nigerian- in Libya will end up being the ones to suffer all the rubbish these untamed touts are oozing out of their corrupt mouths!
    The tone they are setting is for Libya –mad man- to retaliate on poor unfortunate people that their only crimes are to be from a failed country called ‘Nigeria’.
    I wish someone can call those idiots to order, before they jump on their usual bandwagon of abusing anyone that dare tell them the truth!
    Their bullshit of orchestrated genocide since the so called country was formed is no longer a ‘domestic affairs’, the world is a global village, and genocide is a crime against humanity….
    They may not be aware they are exposing themselves everyday as The Hague candidates even without knowing it!

  2. Kunle on March 18, 2010 at 3:22 pm said:

    The only reason Nigeria is still in existence is because the North is still enjoying the oil (have you seen what they have done in Abuja with the oil money while the Niger Delta has been destroyed?). Now they are dredging the Niger which is an ecological disaster for the Niger Delta and other communities around the banks of the river, and when the Acting president moved to strengthened the land mass of the Delta area which is in terrible danger because of the unreasonable project, the North started blackmailing him that he hates the North. Why is it the north that is crying? If it is of such great benefit to the entire nation, why is it the North that is obsessed about the project. It is mis-placed priority with grave environmental damage that far surpasses whatever infinitesimal benefit which is majorly to prepare the North for the eventual separation from the south when the oil drys up!
    The 1st Division of the Nigerian Army is in the North (make no mistakes about it, It is the REAL armory of the country, it houses the real military weapons of the country, in my opinion, even more than those in all other formation put together. Why did they not put the 82 Div in the north and the first in Enugu?), The Airforce prime base is in the North, the National capital is in the North, the Nigerian Defence academy is in the North, The two Nuclear power research centers are in the North, etc, etc, WHILE the oil is in the South.
    South be wise!
    I think that in addition to the Army, Airforce and nuclear facilities in the North, the Naval Headquarters should also be moved there immediately the dredging of the Niger River is completed!! The enormous funds being expended on the useless politically motivated project of dredging should have been spent on developing world class rail and road transportation across the country. this will benefit everybody, particularly the common man. How many people will travel on ships from Calabar to Abuja? Multiple millions travel our derelict roads daily, with several getting killed and maimed. Even the greatest countries in the world do not move goods WITHIN their country with ships! That is the main purview of rail transportation. It is the same mind set of setting up refinery in the North when the oil is in the South. It must always be for the benefit of the North at the detriment of the South! Nigeria as it is presently is designed to fail and it can not do otherwise.

    As nigeria is presently structured, only a Northern candidate can win any presidential election. Some people talk about the election of Obasanjo from the south in 1999. The southerner was only able to attain to the post because the North decided to atone for the sin of one of their own who annulled the freest election in Nigeria’s history, so the post was zone to the south. Even then, the Yoruba people had their own candidate but Obasanjo was the North’s candidate. His campaign slogan was ‘the leader WE can trust’. Make no mistake about it, th ‘WE’ does not refer to Nigeria, it refers to ‘the North’. That is why an Obasanjo will organise a census that quotes Lagos population as 9 million behind Kano when ALL reputable and scientific population agencies worldwide (including the UNFP)
    lists Lagos among the 10 most populated in the world while Kano does not even feature among the first 100!
    This definitely gives Kano more access to the oil wealth than Lagos…. See More

    However, there is a possibility of situation been redressed. This will be a good solution indeed, IF it can be allowed, because there are many lovely northern people who are also disheartened by the misnomer. This can be achieved by allowing the entire nations with all her constituent groups to engage in a no-holds-barred Sovereign National Conference where the conditions for the continued existence of the entity is discussed and agreed on. . This effectively means that the lop-sided concentration of facilities, amenities and military facilities will be revised. Anything short of this is just postponing the evil day.

  3. peroscafe on March 18, 2010 at 2:38 pm said:

    nigerian government are m***** f****** they just talk cos of there own selfish interest.when will they address this issue of killing while they are there stealing the money.they want to find out the cause and people that boom in niger delta cos it involves attempt to kill governors while poor masses were masacred in jos and nothing to address it………..nigeria is a failed nation…….i wish gadafi words can be taken and divide this God forsaken country.

  4. Anyi - DK on March 18, 2010 at 2:31 pm said:

    In his own comment, Hon. Emmanuel Jime said: .
    “The country is formed by God so mere statement of a lunatic should not shake us. We are united; our problem is domestic and is going to be tackled domestically. Distance between Nigeria and Libya is very wide.”

    With the above statement, with the others, now who sounds more like a MAD man? If the above looters, no longer have respect to God to always equate ‘British’ with God! He may explain to us, how God created Nigeria, and on which day -8th day-??
    The blood money they are sharing is seriously disturbing their brain no doubt!
    Everyone knows that Britain created Nigeria out of their evil selfish, to keep the people fighting each other, so the people will not have the time to form alliance to fight them -British- that are common enemy?
    That is why even when they wanted to ‘step aside’-So called Independence-, they gave power to Almajiris turned politicians, those that will listen to their dictate without questioning! They supported them with all the genocide of any group that try to disagree, it is still ongoing not only in Jos!
    To date the British still hold sway. If not, is it not the British government mouth piece the pro Islamic terrorist BBC that those bunch of criminal Senators used their unconfirmed, so-called Yar’Adua’s purported interview, AS BASIS FOR THEIR MOTION TO GIVE POWER TO JONANTHAN, WHEN THE FIRE WAS ABOUT TO BURN THEM.
    What madness is worse than that, Using an unconfirmed report of an untrusted media station to make a decision on a so called ‘independent country’?? Britain is still in control and they are all warrant chiefs!

  5. Ayni- DK on March 18, 2010 at 2:09 pm said:

    Everyone epects the idle, criminals that enjoy the chaos to go on arms at such honest ideas.. All their lousy excuses not withstanding, they should tell teh world why the genocide has been ongoing in their Nigeria since the creation by British in 1914?
    Hear them and any normal person will see that they are more MAD tha Gaddafi!! What are they saying about the reliable alligation of the unrepentant looting and unstopable bribery and corruption of demading whooping =N=16 Million for each Minister…
    Wonder why they never want the game to chance? Why they never want the Information Bill and electororal bills passed??
    Not that those bills will do any thing, but it may reduce their looting capacity… the truth remains that BREAKING THE LIE CALLED NIGERIA IS THE ONLY SOLUTION AS PAINFUL AS IT MAY BE TO SOME BENEFICIARIES OF ONGOING CHAOS AND GENOCIDE!
    I know one thing for sure that their own portion of the genocide will reach them soon, they can run but they can never hide,because they cannot be in power protection for ever!
    It takes only a mad man like Gaddafi to say the truth without thinking of it.. others will beat about the bush under the cover of ‘diplomacy’ while millions of innocent perish!

  6. Paddy on March 18, 2010 at 9:15 am said:

    Gadafi may be mad or reckless accorfing to you, but he has just given you the plain and real advice to stop the apartheid under the umbrella of religion in Nigeria. Maybe if they cut your own tongue off or that of the member of your family then you will agree with gadafi. We live together among the muslims in the south without any problems and this is the reason this is not a religious problem but apartheid. So bether we had done what Gadafi has just told us. how long and how many times shall we be this masacred before we react as we should?? We know that Nigeria is not one nation though under one flag. God come down!!!!!

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