Nemesis caught up with five people that specialised in hijacking fuel tanker on the highways.

The five persons, who wore fake military uniform to carry out their nefarious assignments, however, met their waterloo when they hijacked a tanker filled with 31,000 litres of engine oil at Agbowo Expressway in Ibadan, Oyo State capital.

After a successful snatch of the tanker and its product, they were, however, caught and arrested by men of the Oyo State Police Command while offloading the consignment at a fuel station at Ogungbade, Ibadan-Ife Expressway.

Driver of the hijacked truck marked Kwara FUF- 162XA, Yusuf Lukman, while speaking with journalists, said he loaded the tanker at Flour Mills depot in Lagos and was taking the consignment to Ilorin in Kwara State before he was attacked at Agbowo Expresways in Ibadan, adding that he works with Mannabis Ventures, Ilorin.

He said, “At Agbowo Express, a car was parked in the middle of the road. They were six and four among them wore military uniform. They stopped me and asked me to park. They were angry, asking if I wanted to crush them with the truck. I apologised.

“Before I knew what was happening, they bundled me into their car and drove me to Oyo town. Some of them also drove the tanker away from the scene.

“I escaped when we go to Oyo town and came to Ibadan immediately, where I reported the matter to the police.

“I loaded at the Flour Mills in Lagos and was going to Ilorin. The Way Bill was in the truck and they hijacked it with the bill.”

Manager of the fuel station where the tanker and the 31,000 engine oil were recovered, Tunde Oyebamiji, said he and his assistant at the station handled the transaction, adding that the transaction started last Thursday.

The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Katsina, told journalists, “This is a case of highway robbers. It has been a very big problem for us and we thank God that the change in strategy has now led to this very important achievement.

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