By Olukayode Thomas:

If the Super Eagles of Nigeria eventually lodge in the Hampshire Hotel, Ballito, Durban, for the South Africa 2010 World Cup, and play in the final slated for Soccer City, Johannesburg, on July 11, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) would have saved $627, 000 (N94.3 million).Hampshire Hotel

As the NFF continues to insist on the Hampshire Hotel as base for the Eagles, it emerged yesterday that it is the world football governing body FIFA, and not the NFF, that will be paying for the Eagles accommodation during the World Cup. Every player in the World Cup irrespective of where they are from is eligible to $400 (N60,000) per day for hotel accommodation and feeding.

Apart from the 23 players for each team, FIFA will also pay for 27 other officials including coaches, media officers of the federation; 50 people in all. Anyone not among the 50 will be responsibility of the federation.

This is clearly stated in FIFA regulation governing participation in the World Cup, under Article 36.

With Nigeria settling for Hampshire Hotel which cost about 738 South Africa Rand (About $100) per night, including breakfast, the NFF will be able to save up to $350 on each player per day. Since the players are going to pair two in a room, the NFF will be spending about $100 day per room for two players thus saving $700 per day on the 23 players. Also, since the 27 other people will probably be officials, coaches and the federation’s media officer, who will stay alone, the NFF will save $300 on each of the 27 officials per day.

The Eagles will move into the Hampshire Hotel Ballito on June 3. If the team crashs out in the first round which ends on June 25, they would have stayed in the hotel for 23 days, and the windfall that accrue to the NFF will be $193, 200 on the players, and $186,300 on the officials.

But if the Eagles make it to the final at Soccer City on July 11, and they continue to stay at Hampshire Hotel, they would have stayed in the hotel for 38 days and the NFF would have made a total of $319,200 on the players and $307, 800 on the officials. This amounts to $627,000 for the 38 days that the Eagles will be in South Africa.

Other provisions in Article 36

The only responsibility of the NFF and other participating member associations will be adequate insurance cover for the whole delegation, players and officials; board and lodging during the final competition in excess of the amounts paid by FIFA and costs associated with additional members of the association’s delegation in excess of 50 people.

Apart from the $400 that FIFA is paying for each delegation per day, FIFA will bear the costs of the following: a contribution towards the preparation costs incurred by the participating member associations in accordance with a set tariff to be fixed in due course by the FIFA Organising Committee; business class air travel costs for 50 people from each participating member association between a city to be designated by the FIFA, a contribution towards the costs of board and lodging for 50 people from each participating member association in accordance with a set tariff to be fixed in due course, (the tariff which was set recently is $400 per head) starting five nights prior to each team’s first match and ending two nights after its last match.

The FIFA Organising Committee will determine these rates based on an average of rack rates in the official venue-specific team hotels; doping control expenses.

Mum is still the world from the NFF as its secretary and chairman are not reachable, but a member of the board confirmed that FIFA has approved $400 per day for all the member of delegation, that the 50 people will be entitled to that amount. He also confirmed that all 50 will travel business class at FIFA’s expense.

On why they federation settled for such hotel when FIFA has approved $400 and they could get hotel that is five star for about $200, the member said it is only the Chairman and the secretarye,Taiwo Ogunjobi as well as others who inspected the hotel and made the choice that can comment about that.

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