by Ozioma Ubabukoh, Enugu


Five riot policemen have been arrested for “unethical practices.”

They were arrested along various highways on the orders of the Commissioner of Police in charge of Police Mobile  Force, Joseph Mbu, for improper dressing and other unethical practices.

Three of the errant officers were arrested in Enugu State (MOPOL 3); one in Umuahia, Abia State (MOPOL 28); one in Lokoja metropolis, Kogi State (MOPOL 37), while the other one was nabbed along Abuja – Lokoja Road (MOPOL 50).

Our correspondent learnt that the police monitoring unit, in attempt to arrest three other riot police officers in Umuahia, were allegedly fired at by the policemen, who later escaped.

Although no one was wounded in the shoot-out, our correspondent learnt that one of the escapees was later apprehended drinking in the midst of criminals in Ugbehe, in Abia State.

Mbu said the exercise, which commenced on Friday, “is aimed at completely sanitising the PMF and mopping up the shame it has brought upon Nigerians”.

He said, “We want to do away with old men in the PMF. We are working towards demobbing old men who are up to 50, 60 years old in the PMF.

“With this exercise, we will stop our men from embarking on illegal escort duties, and we will no longer tolerate those of them who dress shabbily, like wearing bathroom slippers while on duty.”

He said those arrested were accused of improper dressing.

He said, “For instance, a mobile police officer was arrested along Abuja – Lokoja Road, wearing only his MOPOL trousers. He was even sleeping with his beret, while his rifle was on the floor.

“The PMF has a clear mode of dressing and its members have a way of conducting themselves. They are supposed to be agile to save a situation at all times.

“As the Compol, I decided that the ethics be instilled. The Inspector-General of Police supported the initiative and we set up an ethics, doctrine and monitoring team, and the call order was to arrest any of them found wanting in the dress code of the PMF. Even if they are escorting anybody and there is no authority, we demand that they be arrested. That is what we are doing now, going from state to state, and arresting the erring ones.”


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