…sneaks into APC national secretariat

Former national chairman of PDP, Prince Vincent Ogbulafor, yesterday sneaked into All Progressives Congress, APC, national secretariat where he had a closed door meeting with national chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun, for nearly an hour.ogulafor

Ogbulafor, a one time national secretary of the People’s Democratic Party, as well as the national chairman, was also a Minister for Economic Matters.

He also contested the governorship of Abia State under the then All Peoples Party. Speaking with journalists at the party secretariat, Ogbulafor said he came to congratulate the national chairman of APC for a job well done.

When asked if some of his members in PDP would not read meaning to his visit to APC secretariat, he said, “How can they feel offended? I am still in PDP.” Asked if he was considering joining APC, he said “Not yet.

Even if I will, not yet.” Ogbulafor who said that he was very happy with the victory of General Muhammadu Buhari in the just concluded presidential election said that he meant it when he said PDP would rule for sixty years but was quick to assert that PDP’s problems started with the crisis in the Governor’s Forum.

He said, “Well, when they dismantled governors forum, what do you expect?” Reacting to the visit, APC Deputy National Chairman, South, Engr. Segun Oni, said “I saw him, but I think it is a private visit he came for.

Don’t forget, the national chairman is his friend and some of us are also his friends. “He came to visit his friend and to congratulate us. That is the way politics should be played.

Even if he were still the national chairman of PDP and he comes here to congratulate our national chairman and meets some of us his friends, that will be good politics.

I am looking forward to our friend, the national chairman of PDP visiting us here to say congratulations. “As politicians, we must salvage this process called politics, we must rescue it from charlatans.

We must give it a colour of decency, we must give it a colour of maturity. I will expect that even if he does not have time to visit us now, he should send us a letter.” Ogbulafor’s possible defection will be one of the biggest in recent times after the emergence of Gen.

Muhammadu Buhari of the APC as the presidentelect. Shortly after the APC trounced the PDP in the general election, a number of PDP members have begun to defect to the APC.

The development has drawn anger from majority of Nigerians who have continued to describe the defectors as fair weather friends that should not be trusted. Besides, political pundits have argued that it would have been proper for the PDP members to stay back and make the party a good opposition party as did the APC.

The president-elect has also been quoted as saying that members of the PDP rushing into the APC should not think that they would be given ministerial appointment or any key position.

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